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What was Your Matrix "Red pill" moment?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BeerMeFitz, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Newcastle Brown Ale and Guinness is where it all started for me. That was nearly 20 years ago, and probably like 40 lbs lighter.
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  2. aeminter

    aeminter Aficionado (240) Texas Mar 25, 2006

    I had a Bass Pale Ale at the Texas Renaisance Festival in the 2000. After that it was a steady progression.
  3. strangebrew321

    strangebrew321 Savant (380) Indiana Feb 18, 2009

    Started off in High School with St. Pauli Girl, Modelo, Rolling Rock.... ended up at FFF's brewpub on my 25th birthday, and fell in love. I came across beer advocate at the same time a large craft beer shop opened up in town. The rest has been a wonderful craft beer exploration. My first Rochefort 10 was an eye opening experience, among many others.
  4. It was either bourbon county stout I thought I was cool for being able to.buy a $20 four pack or maudite back in like 2006 for me
  5. When I was nineteen I got a job working at a restaurant in northern Virginia with 30 beers on draft. The first day I was exposed to the wide world of craft beer, and was fairly overwhelmed. That day Dogfish Head's Shelter Pale Ale was replacing some other keg that had kicked the bucket, and they poured tastes for everyone that was 21+ (which didn't include me). All the other servers and bar-tenders that had a taste were really talking it up to one another, and I my curiosity was piqued. That weekend I got an older friend to pick some up for me and was instantly snared.
  6. No red pill, some of us born in Zion. Grandpa's Homebrew!!
  7. SNPA/#9/BlueMoon -> my gateway drugs...
  8. Grohnke

    Grohnke Savant (390) Illinois Sep 15, 2009

    Sam Adams winter variety pack, I believe. Holiday Porter, or Old Fezziwig.
  9. I slowly started making the transition away from the BMCs of the world after college. However, my true holy s@&t moment came when I had my first Rochefort 10. Started big and never looked back. I had a similar experience in the stout department when i had my first Bourbon County. Changed my idea of what a beer could be.
  10. Has to be Heavy Seas Loose Cannon. That was in late 2010 before I really knew what an IPA was but all I knew was that it was delicious and I wanted more. Since I was living in Baltimore at the time I visited Heavy Seas and tried some of their other stuff as well. I remember thinking "Man there are so many flavors and styles!" and I was instantly hooked. Loose Cannon is still one of my favorite IPAs.
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  11. ghostly

    ghostly Aficionado (145) New York Mar 7, 2011

    Hmm, definitely gradual over a decade or more for me: BMC to Boston Lager to Warsteiner to Radeberger to Old Speckled Hen to Arrogant Bastard to Ommegang Abbey to Rochefort 8, and that was the clincher. Up until that point I preferred bourbon or gin.
  12. ghostly

    ghostly Aficionado (145) New York Mar 7, 2011

    And to be more specific, I got into beer more when my interest in the Prohibition-style cocktail trend waned, say around 2009. That was when I started getting interested in homebrewing.
  13. I teetered between craft and macro for a long time. Harpoon 100 Barrel Weizenbock was the one that did it for me. Oh, how I miss that beer. That was what, three, four years ago?
  14. dcook11

    dcook11 Savant (315) California May 13, 2010

    Arrogant Bastard. I was worthy.
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  15. tsatem

    tsatem Aficionado (160) Texas Dec 8, 2010

    I thought I liked good beer until my friend ColdPoncho bought me a bunch of actually good beer. I vividly remember drinking an 09 BCBS with him and totally having my mind blown, and I never turned back.
  16. I think the one that hooked me really was the New Holland Dragon's Milk at a standard summer beer festival. I was already into craft beer when I could get it, but that one is what made me start going to shops instead of decent bars to seek out better brews at home.
  17. Heatwave33

    Heatwave33 Advocate (570) Florida Sep 13, 2011

    At the Yardhouse when my brother handed me a pint of Dogfish 90. Had a 90 3 nights ago and it was still superb!
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  18. i actually OD on two red pills... they were KBS and Abyss...
  19. I remember drinking Michelob Special Dark and Guinness when I was like 14 (1984ish) and thinking... this beats the hell out of Piels, Genny and Miester Brau! LOL!!! I remember having Sam Adams in like 88 or 89 and really starting to understand what beer could be. I remember buying Brooklyn BCS and Maudite back in like 94 or 95 I think, and seeing the sky's open up and a new kind of Heaven delivered upon me. I think the BCS was like $20 or $22 a case back then because I used to get it for my guitar amp tech as a gift every X-mas.
  20. Nicked

    Nicked Aficionado (190) Maryland Nov 8, 2010

    I didn't have a "red pill" moment. My dad inspired me to explore beer - he's not much of a beer enthusiast, but always enjoyed Guinness over Bud Light or something similar. I kept my mind (and wallet!) open and grew to LOVE the hobby.
  21. First it was Boulevard's Single Wide IPA. Free State's Ironman Imperial Stout then opened a whole other door.
  22. infi

    infi Savant (465) New York Apr 4, 2009

    SA Summer Ale before the recipe changed and SNPA.
  23. jk3

    jk3 Savant (355) New York Nov 18, 2011

    Pete's Wicked Ale in the mid 90's, when the beer was actually damn good. Different beer now. You ruined another one Gambrinus
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  24. shand

    shand Advocate (645) Florida Jul 13, 2010

    It was a pretty easy destination. I went ahead and purposely picked my first craft beer to be something not far away from the "beer" I was familiar with, yet with a little bit extra. That was Magic Hat Wacko, which I picked up on my 21st birthday. After that, I'm pretty sure sixers of Sierra Nevada Summerfest and Rouge Dead Guy followed. It really took me finally moving out of my (girlfriend's) parent's house to really make the journey, where I had already stocked the fridge up for that magical moment. That first Magic Hat Summer sampler pack I had waiting in my fridge for the move-in day (long story) was what really did me over.

    My first day of true independence, sitting on some terribly ugly couch my roommate got out of his sister's storage unit, eating a bowl of Shin Ramyun with a glass of the Odd Notion Summer '10 (a ginger ale, perfect with the spicy Korean noodles) after playing Battlefield all day in that shitty, roach infested apartment is a memory I'll always remember. And that's why I still have a soft spot for Magic Hat to this day. I live in a much nicer townhouse now where I'm not killing three roaches a day, but I'll always have a soft spot for that apartment where my love for craft beer blossomed.
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  25. BeerMeFitz

    BeerMeFitz Savant (330) Illinois Oct 24, 2011

    I was at LongRoom bar in Chicago on Irving. I ordered a Miller Lite and the Hot bartender laughed and asked " U wanna try a real beer?" She (thankfully) got me a 2009 BCS and I fell in love with the beer and the Hot Bartender and never looked back.
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  26. Ungertaker

    Ungertaker Savant (460) Minnesota Apr 30, 2010

    It started with a flight at Granite City in 2007; that made me realize I liked beer with substance. BCS 2009 at The Happy Gnome sealed the deal.
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  27. What a great beer. The label suits it to a tee. Somehow, loose cannon really manages to taste like the color purple. Not like grapes or anything, but the color itself.

    I neglected to mention earlier how fundamental Arrogant Bastard and Racer 5 were in the evolution of my appreciation of big malty and hoppy beers, respectively.
  28. The Red Pill that pulled me down the rabbit hole again...DFH /Three Floyds-Poppaskull...still got 3 bottles
  29. In the spring of 2001 I was studying abroad in Norwich, UK. I had not been much of a drinker up to that point, but went with some friends to The Fat Cat Pub, discovered cask real ales and went from there. Now, I was still in college, so I had plenty of 40's of Mickey's after that, but I realized that (when I could afford it) there was a big world out there.
  30. Sweasty

    Sweasty Savant (275) Texas May 16, 2004

    My red pill moment if there was one was probably the Guinness dipped pacifiers I got on occasion as a baby. Really there was no moment. I was just raised up drinking better beer. I think the first beer I remember having was probably a Shiner Bock.
  31. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Savant (365) Georgia Feb 25, 2010

    Taco Mac 3 years and some change ago when my buddy made me try his chimay blue. Before that I hated beer with a passion and couldn't stomach any BMCs. Funny thing is that after getting into craft I can now stomach shitty beer whereas before it was impossible for me to take more than 2 sips of it.
  32. Angst

    Angst Aficionado (225) California Nov 8, 2007

    More of a gradual path for me but two that stick out are St. Bernardus 60th Anniv. & Abyss '09 (Not infected). The 60th blew my mind & got me spending all my money on craft beer & the Abyss blew my mind & opened my palate to stouts.
  33. acevenom

    acevenom Advocate (545) Louisiana Oct 7, 2011

    For me, it was Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I was drinking mostly BMC with the occasional Dixie and Dixie Blackened Voodoo thrown in there. Now I still have good feelings towards Blackened Voodoo, but it was Boston Lager that took me down the road to near exclusivity with craft beer. From there, I was trying every Abita offering and consuming more imports. My love for craft beer has grown even larger since 2004. I still consume adjunct lagers, but mostly as a way to keep my palate from burning out and/or to have cheap beer in certain situations.
  34. Arcadia IPA and then Bell's Two Hearted Ypsilanti, MI 2002
  35. dukes

    dukes Aficionado (180) Apr 2, 2012

    Guinness Extra Stout during Junior year of college. Before then it was Miller High Life and Keystone Light.
  36. haddon

    haddon Savant (285) Kentucky Jul 13, 2009

    2 year aged Chimay Blue for me. no looking back after that fateful day.
  37. kevinv

    kevinv Savant (275) Texas Nov 23, 2009

    Mine was a Stone Arrogant Bastard followed by a Rogue XS Old Crustacean. I was at Mellow Mushroom in Pensacola, FL. This was sometime mid-2008. I hate to say it, but I was quite tipsy after just those two beers.
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  38. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) California Jan 27, 2012

    Arrogant Bastard got me going...
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  39. Magic Hat #9 and then Dogfish Head did it for me.
  40. roblund

    roblund Savant (325) California Nov 14, 2011

    SN pale ale opened my eyes, but Pliny changed everything right out of high school.
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