What would be in your essential homebrewer's library?

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  1. Obviously Palmer. I've also got Papazian's and Miller's books but that's it...

    What's your favorite published resource on homebrewing? What about style specific resources? IPA's, Farmhouse ales, Lambic, German styles etc..

    I'm looking to do some reading over the holidays and would be happy to get some recommendations! Thanks!
  2. VikeMan

    VikeMan Champion (845) Pennsylvania Jul 12, 2009 Verified

    How to Brew
    Designing Great Beers

    Sorry, but I haven't been blown away by any of the style specific books. IPA maybe.

    Edit: I'd add Brewing Better Beer

    MMAJYK Savant (465) Georgia Jun 26, 2007

    Some of the books I've enjoyed recently:

    Brew Like a Monk (just finished it last night)
    Farmhouse Ales
    Brewing Better Beer
    Brewing with Wheat
    Yeast (probably the book that's helped my brewing the most)
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  4. The book "For the Love of Hops" by Stan Heironymus was ordered in the pre-sale. Hope it is in the mail today.

    The IPA book was good.
    How to Brew
    Brewing Better Beer
    The 3 books on Belgian beer from Brewer's Publications.

    Designing Great Beer is now a little dated.

    There are a few in the styles series that are pretty good. Smoked Beer, Barleywine, and Bock come to mind.

    Edit style series book on Lambic is out of print and is $$$.
  5. barfdiggs

    barfdiggs Savant (420) California Mar 22, 2011

    The new Hops book, For the Love of Hops, is a pretty good read. Found it more informative than IPA, granted I don't have much of an interest in the historical part of IPA, FWIW.
  6. How could I forget Yeast? I learned a fair amount from that one.
  7. Theses have been my go to's and consistently referenced over time

    How to Brew
    The Complete Joy of Homebrewing
    Farmhouse Ales
    Wild Brews

    I need to get a few more, I want Brew Like a Monk, Brewing With Wheat, and Yeast
  8. pweis909

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    For basic reference on methodology, I own Palmer but use the website more than the book for ease of access there's a whole flight of stairs between my bookshelf and my computer).

    For recipes, I refer to Brewing Classic Styles all the time to see if my recipes are in the ballpark. The page edges are actually yellowed from the oils on my fingers.

    For styles, I love IPA, BLAM, Farmhouse Ales, Wild Brews, and Brewing with Wheat. The truth is, I love the history presented even more than the recipe info.

    In the ingredients series White and Zainsheff's Yeast and Hieronymous' Hops book leave me with the same impression: "fascinating info, but will I use it?"

    For goofy temptations, I turn to Radical Brewing.

    A couple other books on my shelf don't see much use anymore:
    Designing Great Beers - loved for the history and the recipe info, but BCS has supplanted it for recipe info and the histories are mostly not as interesting as those presented in the Style books above.
    New Brewing Lager Beer.
    Joy of Homebrewing and the one CP did about brewing travel adventures. Both are fun reads, but not really great re-reads.
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  9. A lot of good books mentioned.

    One book not mentioned that is my personal favorite homebrewing book is Homebrewing Vol. 1 by Al Korzonas. I thought this book was an enjoyable read and it is full of very good information (technical information). I find myself regularly going back to it as a good reference book.

  10. How to brew
    Radical Brewing
    But most important is my trusty composition notebook!!!
  11. I really enjoyed Wild Brews
  12. hopsandmalt

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    +1 to Brewing classic styles, Yeast, and Radical brewing.
  13. BrewingTV, I don't like to read much. But Lambic/Sour Brewing Blogs are great.
  14. GreenKrusty101

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  15. Sitting down in my basement looking at the brewing bookshelf, I'd go with:

    Designing Great Beers (probably my favorite)
    How to Brew
    Brewing Classic Styles
    Radical Brewing
  16. barfdiggs

    barfdiggs Savant (420) California Mar 22, 2011

    huhhha huhhha... you said oral.
  17. uptomonto

    uptomonto Disciple (70) Indiana Dec 15, 2012

    Brewing Classic Styles - as pweis909 said above checking to see if recipes are in the ballpark
    How to Brew
    Brew Your Own magazine
    Mosher's Tasting Beer - esp. the sensory vocabulary items
    just ordered the Hops and Water books
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  18. CASK1

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    There a bit dated now, but I love re-reading any of the books by Michael Jackson. For style info, they are still relevant.
  19. How to Brew
    Extreme Brewing
    The Complete Joy of Brewing
    The Brew Masters Bible
    Brewing Better Beer
  20. barfdiggs

    barfdiggs Savant (420) California Mar 22, 2011

    Brewing New Lager Beer
    Brewing, Science and Practice
    Brewing Classic Styles
    For the Love of Hops
    Brewing with Wheat
    Wild Brews
  21. utahbeerdude

    utahbeerdude Savant (475) Utah May 2, 2006

    I enjoyed reading "Great Beers of Belgium". It inspired my Belgian period a few years back.
  22. I have a copy of that .......had it signed by a monk from chimay and one from rochefort.......
    the book I really want to get was written by a man that is buried at Chimay.......visited his grave while there....the book is

  23. LDRider

    LDRider Initiate (20) Dec 17, 2012

    Thanks for the advice! I ordered How To Brew and For The Love of Hops for my youngest son. He swears by this website, so it must be the best advice that I could get.
  24. From a reference standpoint, Designing Great Beers is my go to.

    For more general knowledge/history and the occasional reference, I liked Brew Like a Monk and some of the material in Farmhouse Ales.
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  25. drewbage

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  26. Honestly, the deClerk is nice to look at but it isn't something you really want or need to read. I got it as a gift and read it but I really can't recommend it. Much of the information is outdated. It does look nice on the shelf, though!

  27. BigAB

    BigAB Aficionado (150) Iowa Aug 4, 2008

    Brewing Classic Styles
    New Brewing Lager Beer

    Can't go wrong there...and probably 'How to Brew'; I still check it out from time-to-time, but it's free online...
  28. These have been already stated, but I feel these are the best to have at the least:

    How to Brew - John Palmer
    Designing Great Beers - Ray Daniels
    Yeast - Jamil Zainashef
  29. kneary13

    kneary13 Savant (320) Massachusetts Jan 30, 2010

    if i had to pick one - it's be Brewing Better Beer by Gordon Strong
  30. kscaldef

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    I'm reading Miller's new book "Brew Like a Pro" right now and loving it.