Whats a style of beer you just recently got into?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by geneseohawk, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. geneseohawk

    geneseohawk Savant (465) Illinois Nov 4, 2008

    For me it would be some "smoked" style beers. Just had my first bottle of Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen. I tried it with a nice stack of buttermilk pancakes and bacon for supper. I liked it. I also tried a bomber of smoked porter from Stone last night and enjoyed that as well.
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  2. Belgian Pale Ale and its American BIPA, BDIPA counterparts. Loved it so much, I decided to homebrew one and bottled it last night!
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  3. I used to fairly regularly have a Schlenkerla Maerzen with a nice trio of Schlenkerla Maerzen for supper. I liked it, too.
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  4. MammaGoose

    MammaGoose Aficionado (210) Wyoming Jan 10, 2013

    I'm returning to IPAs after a stout/porter/darker beer obsession during the winter. But specifically, I'm trying DIPAs/IIPAs really for the first time and enjoying them as their own style.

    I'm also trying really hard to have an open mind with lagers. So far I haven't had any that I really loved, but I think that's partly me not being as experienced with their specific flavor profiles. So I've been trying a lot of them lately.
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  5. dianimal

    dianimal Advocate (540) California Apr 18, 2012

    I'm still "just getting into" most of the styles! Most recently, I find myself wanting to try more black ales, scotch ales and strong ales.
  6. nsheehan

    nsheehan Advocate (510) Texas Jul 3, 2011

    I've tried a lot of the other styles, so this year I'm branching out to Barley wines (purposefully avoided them til 2013 to learn the other styles better) and what they're (whoever) calling white IPAs. White IPAs seem to to be a Belgian pale mixed with an American pale ale and a little more wheat.

    If you like smoked, see if you can find the Stone smoked vanilla bean porter. I probably messed up the name, but it was one of my favorite porters. I'm not much for porters/stouts thought. My hop head friend really liked it too.
  7. dieBlume

    dieBlume Savant (280) Virginia Mar 18, 2013

    Also still getting into most styles. I moved from basically just Hefe/Dunkelweizen's to lots of Belgian styles. Going to slowly try to expand that to hoppy beers. Soon...soon...
  8. Heffeweizen. Had Maissel's Weisse a month ago and have been experimenting since. Very drawn to the bubblegum taste, especially when it's complemented with banana like Maissel's
  9. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (380) New York Jul 16, 2011

    Me too! I just bought several loose bottles of dipas. Loving resin... southern tier 2X ipa is almost as good.
    I'm trying to keep an open mind with sours. Not sure if it will work... sour devil was pretty good... going to try love buzz next.
  10. Rohkey

    Rohkey Savant (350) Michigan Jan 13, 2013

    Quads. Originally disliked them, but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite. I try to limit myself to one a day, though, and still haven't had the balls to try Rochefort 10 or Apt 12..am waiting to enjoy those with a friend.
  11. I'm really getting into saisons and sours. Looooove that stuff.
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  12. Working on sours right now, and really starting to appreciate single IPAs and stouts.
  13. dieBlume

    dieBlume Savant (280) Virginia Mar 18, 2013

    Whaaaaattttt...haven't had Abt 12 or Rochefort 10? Why wait? They're delicious! They're two of the beers that really helped me decide to become more interested in craft brews.

    When I first got Abt 12 the cashier was like "Oh, they say this is super similar to that expensive Westleven beer blah blah blah."I was just like..."Dude I have no clue what you're telling me."

    Here I am a month later - shortly after I had Abt 12 I tried Rochefort 10, now I'm waiting to (one day) get my hands on Westy.
  14. Eastside151

    Eastside151 Savant (450) Ohio Jun 29, 2012

    Couldn't stand in the past to drink IPAs, been mostly a stout/porter guy. Now I have a fridge full of IPAs, DIPA, etc. Really into Belgian style ales as well.
  15. Its all about the sours baby!:D
  16. geneseohawk

    geneseohawk Savant (465) Illinois Nov 4, 2008

    That sounds awesome!
  17. lewisti

    lewisti Savant (295) Connecticut Nov 7, 2001

    helles lagers and helles bocks, nice refreshing change of pace from all the high IBU IPA/DIPA's
  18. Barley wine.

  19. Yes, smoked ales have been a sleeper hit for me as well. And I'm getting way into sours now, which I can't believe I haven't done sooner!
  20. Rohkey

    Rohkey Savant (350) Michigan Jan 13, 2013

    I know right. It's almost some odd psychology effect where I'm like, "These might be the best beers I will ever have, do I really want to drink these now? At my young age, without being fully able to appreciate them?" The other part of me just really wants to have someone over to enjoy them with, and only a couple of my friends like craft beers - and none have drank quads as far as I know.

    Edit: Also I might be able to get my hands on a couple Westvleteren 12s when I'm in Belgium next month. I want to do a blind taste test with some people (W12, R10, Apt12), and figure out which one I like the most. If I were to drink one of them before I did this, I could be biased and it could potentially impact my judgment.
  21. dieBlume

    dieBlume Savant (280) Virginia Mar 18, 2013

    I'd still say try them. They're delicious and totally worth it. I would also say try them now so you know FOR SURE you like quads before investing in Westy. I don't know the actual price, but it always seems like people drop a pretty penny for it. I'd hate to try the three and realize I don't actually like that style. That's just my .02 cents though.

    P.S. - I'm in the Abt 12 > Rochefort 10 camp if anybody wanted to know. Haha.
  22. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever Champion (820) Ohio Feb 22, 2013

    rochefort is insanely good I have a case in my fridge and no to a 12 pack I'm taking about a bonafide case. Such a complex lovely beer easily one of the best beers ive ever had st. bernadus is no slouch either, but I'll pass on it with easy availability of rochefort

    damn iPad is hard to type on
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  23. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever Champion (820) Ohio Feb 22, 2013

    I'd love to try Westy I wish I'd have known about the style when they released bricks back in Dec for $65-$85 bucks. I saw one website wanted $300 for the brick they had left too rich for my blood
  24. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Belgian, sours, barley wines
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  25. Rohkey

    Rohkey Savant (350) Michigan Jan 13, 2013

    Oh I won't be buying them. Some BAs were generous enough to offer me some when I potentially meet up with them. Of course, I'm not expecting anything. If I come back with none I won't be upset, I'll just bribe my undergrad advisor whom I know had a couple in his cellar, haha.
  26. Lately I find myself wanting to try anything barrel aged. Style really doesn't matter.
  27. Premo88

    Premo88 Advocate (620) Texas Jun 6, 2010

    it's boring, but American pale ales/IPAs/DIPAs

    I hadn't been serious about beer since the late 1990s, so I had no knowledge of how hop-crazy we Americans have gotten over the past decade-plus. Surprisingly to myself, I love the hops.
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  28. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever Champion (820) Ohio Feb 22, 2013

    I'd like to find something barrel aged in something other than a bourbon barrel because the bba stuff isn't blowing my skirt up. Someone posted about a beer aged in rum barrels now that might cream my Twinkie
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  29. Just recently I got a lot more into belgian strong ales.
  30. craigo19

    craigo19 Savant (270) Michigan Oct 12, 2009

    I love stouts, IPAs, porters and IIPAs, but now I am starting to appreciate Belgians. Still can't get into sours doubt if my pallet will ever let me.
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  31. RobDB

    RobDB Advocate (690) New Jersey Aug 31, 2009

    Saison/farmhouse ales, barley wines. Also want to try some sours but really don 't know where to start.
  32. bayliner weisse
  33. 19etz55

    19etz55 Savant (420) New Jersey Aug 12, 2007

    IPA's! Seems most of the beers I buy lately (especially growlers) are IPA's. I just love the hoppy burst you get with each quaff. 2ndly I have enjoyed the flavored porters and stouts. Milk, oatmeal, coffee , and chocolate stouts. Vanilla and mocha porters. Quaff on!
  34. dieBlume

    dieBlume Savant (280) Virginia Mar 18, 2013

    Well in that case - I'll gladly let them or your adviser ship me some! ;p
  35. Homebrew style :) I got a kegerator for my birthday and I can't stop brewing.

    Seriously, come over, I need friends.........Wifey no likey beer :-(
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  36. dieBlume

    dieBlume Savant (280) Virginia Mar 18, 2013

    Are you SURE she doesn't like beer? Maybe you're just not introducing her to the right styles. That was initially my problem. People were giving me beer styles that I wasn't ready for. They weren't approachable, were too hoppy, or were just too...whatever. I started off only liking hefeweizens (if they didn't have it where I was, I didn't get beer) then tasted a bit here and there until I got where I am now. :)
  37. Rohkey

    Rohkey Savant (350) Michigan Jan 13, 2013

    I'm sure he would, he's a pushover.
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  38. Premo88

    Premo88 Advocate (620) Texas Jun 6, 2010

    i'm noticing a Belgian theme, no?

    (dubbels very well might become my next full-time favorite)
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  39. I'm down with bourbon barrel aged beers right now. I haven't really found one that I don't like yet although some are clearly above and beyond others. I am fairly new to the style but I have tried a lot recently and haven't gotten sick of it yet. Good ish.
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