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What's on tap at Alesmith?

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by ScottO, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. ScottO

    ScottO Savant (310) California Mar 4, 2012

    Can anyone share what was available for growler fills yesterday? I'd call the brewery, but I think they are closed today.

  2. Just their normal line; none of the specialties were open for growler fills, to my best recollection.
  3. SageO

    SageO Savant (420) California Jul 13, 2010

    In general, the specialties aren't available for growler fills. Occasionally there is a narrow window (~1 wk?) to get Viet SS before they make it taster-only, but that's about it. I know the Belgian Small was available for grumblers when it was first released but not sure anymore (they don't have it on tap very often nowadays anyway).
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  4. ScottO

    ScottO Savant (310) California Mar 4, 2012

    Thanks for the info, guys.
  5. Vietnamese Speedway Stout just went back on tap today (grumbler fills available)!
  6. drbenzo

    drbenzo Savant (385) California Jul 13, 2005

  7. ScottO

    ScottO Savant (310) California Mar 4, 2012

    That's a sweet lineup.
  8. redmagik99

    redmagik99 Savant (315) California May 15, 2007

    say whaaa
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  9. They need to spread the good shit out. C'mon guys!
  10. They recently reformatted their tap list so that there was a lot more room to list the extras - I suspect having a lot on tap is S.O.P. Also, the BA Numbskull and Arabian Mocha Java Sppedway are left over from last week.

    They'll have BA Speedway on cask next week.
  11. SageO

    SageO Savant (420) California Jul 13, 2010

    Yeah they’ve been regularly having ~3–5 specialties on tap all the time. It’s awesome.
  12. tyrsis

    tyrsis Savant (425) California Mar 13, 2009

    Went today and had a taster of BAON and BAWH... and walked out with a Growler of IPA and a Grumbler of Viet Speedway.

    Alesmith is killing it.
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  13. ryno09

    ryno09 Savant (320) California May 1, 2010

    Indeed they are. Probably the best brewery in the county right now.
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  14. They had a Kolsch on tap last week, and I thought "a Kolsch at Alesmith?!?" Naturally, I had to try it, and damned if it wasn't tasty. Was that still up, tyrsis?
  15. Yup, absolutely agree.

    I passed on the BPT sales of BAON bottles, but after a taster of it and after hearing they are selling the leftover bottles, I walked out with two bottles so I'm glad I wasn't shut completely out. So delicious. I'm considering getting more already.

    Unfortunately the Kolsch was gone. It was very tasty as well.
  16. tyrsis

    tyrsis Savant (425) California Mar 13, 2009

    No... I would have liked to try that :/
  17. SageO

    SageO Savant (420) California Jul 13, 2010

    That Kolsch was damn good - I would've bought a grumbler right there if they'd allowed it (IIRC it was only like 5 gallons or something).
  18. Yes, a "pin" keg. They didn't even announce it - it just showed up.

    I think we'll see it return.
  19. riko

    riko Savant (315) California Jan 18, 2008

    So in recent months they've done a kolsch, a dry irish stout and a robust porter. Any others I've missed?
  20. An Irish Red and a 90 schilling ale (part of the same theme as the irish stout), various forms of Lactic Lil' Devil, a bunch of Speedway variants, different forms of the same old, same old (e.g. Wee Heavy on nitro), the Nut Brown with vanilla (I liked this), etc.
  21. riko

    riko Savant (315) California Jan 18, 2008

    Dang, I'd heard about/tasted a couple of those but apparently have missed a lot. I'm losing my edge ...
  22. This was tasting very good yesterday.

    They still have Vietnamese coffee Speedway up, too (grumbler fills available). There is some residual BA Wee Heavy and BA Old Numbskull around as well, though I don't know how long they'll last. I wasn't too thrilled with the BA Wee Heavy this week - perhaps I've Wee Heavied myself out, or perhaps after having Speedway one's palate has been too affected to appreciate the Wee Heavy.
  23. dcgunman

    dcgunman Savant (390) California Jul 1, 2009

    VCS still on tap and grumbler fills?? Hope it's still on this Fri or Sat.
  24. DrAwkward82

    DrAwkward82 Savant (305) California Apr 16, 2005

    I sadly just missed out on Mocha Java Speedway last weekend but it's hard to believe any coffee RIS in the world edging out the wondrousness that is Vietnamese Speedway. Y'all can keep your BA and Kopi and million zillion Speedways; I'd be thrilled with nothing more than a steady supply of Vietnamese.
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  25. I'd get there early Friday to be safe, and that might not even be enough.
  26. I know how you feel. Life has gotten in the way of my tastings, recently.
    Now there's a backlog of badassdom I need to find the time to sample.
  27. As of last night they still had BA Speedway on cask.
  28. dcgunman

    dcgunman Savant (390) California Jul 1, 2009

    They still got VCS on tap and grumbler fills? Anything else besides the usual Alesmith beers?
  29. An hour ago, they responded to a Facebook question about having VCS up, and they still do - so if you are around you should get there early. As Dean said, they have barrel aged Speedway on cask, and they also had traces of BA Wee Heavy and BA Old Numbskull left (though either or both could have run out last night). They just tapped a keg of Lactic Lil Devil with ginger. They just announced they are tapping BA Grand Cru today, too.

    You should follow their Facebook page - they have all this info there, and you are more likely to get an answer to questions about what is still on tap than you would be calling them on the phone.

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  30. dcgunman

    dcgunman Savant (390) California Jul 1, 2009

    Just liked their facebook page. Thank bro.
  31. I'm so pissed that I missed out on Lactic Lil Devil. They were out last night.
  32. ETOHprn

    ETOHprn Aspirant (45) California Jul 13, 2011

    Why? They just add lactic acid. You can do that yourself at home or bring your own lactic acid into Alesmith and drop it in to glass.
  33. Anyone try that BA Grand Cru?
  34. Yes - I thought it was quite good. The guy standing next to me did not want to pull the trigger earlier in the week, but after having one sip he immediately hit Brown Paper Tickets.
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  35. How long will an unopened, refrigerated grumbler of VSS stay fresh? At least a week?
  36. It should stay fresh for at least a week.
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  37. nanobrew

    nanobrew Initiate (0) California Dec 31, 2008

    mine better, I won't be able to drink it for 2 weeks. I wrapped the cap in electrical tape to help it seal a little better, but I am guesings it should have no problem holding tight no matter what. Great seeing you (and everyone else) there yesterday
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  38. Broke out my just-under-2-weeks-old VSS grumbler yesterday. It poured and tasted properly carbed and as fresh as I remember. And I keep all my beer on the fridge door shelf where the bottles get jostled constantly. Whoever filled my grumbler screwed the cap on pretty tight as well. As long as it stays unopened, you should be fine.
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  39. SageO

    SageO Savant (420) California Jul 13, 2010

    Why would you wait that long? ;) VSS grumblers don't last more than a couple days in my apartment.
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  40. So how was the Decadence (BA 2011 and 2012 Oaked)?