What's out in Ontario right now that's worth picking up?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by tbeckett, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I'm overseas but my brother offered to pick up beers that are being released in Ottawa so I can still manage to try them.

    Is there anything that's come out in the last while, not part of the special releases, worth picking up to sit in the basement 'til I come home?
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    Nickelbrook Cuvee 2012, some of the RISes, he can likely get Beau's specials delivered for $15... That's all I saw when I was there last week.
  3. If you can find Flying Monkey's BNL chocolate stout, I'm told it's exceptional. Limited release.
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  4. Mad Tom's Double IPA is really nice.
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  5. I wouldn't want to keep an IPA sitting and it's available year round so he can buy it when he returns.

    You might want to see if your brother would cross the river and get some Quebec seasonals by DDC, LTM, Dunham, McAuslan, etc.
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  6. This got released at TBS didn't it? Does anyone know what availability is like?
  7. It's pretty widely distributed at LCBOs in the GTA, Tri-cities, London and Ottawa areas, and a few other bigger cities.

    It is in the TBS system, but most of the stock seems to be sitting in DCs at the moment (a few retail stores in central Toronto do show it in stock). I imagine it won't be very difficult to find in the not-so-distant future if you live in or near an urban center.
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    Apparently Manitoba is getting Double Mad Tom soon too.
  9. Thanks. Sounds like it'll be a year round offering?

  10. AFAIK this is indeed the case.