What's the deal with Sixpoint?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by dick783, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. dan027

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    Resin owns. You can't like everything and there are plenty of other beers out there that you would feel much better about spending the money on so try and not get too hung up on it
  2. Had Sweet Action on tap in NYC once and loved it. Like, nearly missed my flight because I stuck around for a second one and then had to hail a cab to LaGuardia in rush hour loved it. However, I've been underwhelmed by all of their canned beers and I'm not a big fan of Resin. I keep giving them a shot though, trying to recapture that first Sweet Action experience!
  3. KevinMc79

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    I really love Resin. And really enjoyed Bengali Tiger the first time I drank it. Went and bought a second 4 pack, which I rarely do. I think I have the dreaded ticking syndrome. Second time I got it, it tasted completely different. Almost like a White IPA. Didn't like it at all. I probably won't go back to Bengali, but I might go back to Resin.
  4. TheSSG

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    I had a similar experience. I gave them a whirl and now avoid them like the plague.
    Some of the nastiest stuff ever.

    BUT, I guess I'll keep an eye open for some on tap....maybe it was just the other facility...
  5. mnguyen281

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    I like their 3beans, but not much else. Dont worry about it, youre not supposed to like everything. I personally can't stand st. Arnold or jester king, and i live in houston. I dont even bother trying the new divine reserves or whatever jk throws out for almost 20 a bottle.
  6. BJasny

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    I recently had basically the exact same experience as the OP; I tried both Bengali Tiger and Righteous Ale because I've heard Sixpoint is a great brewery. I was also let down by that funky taste that was in both beers; I didn't know what to think but it's just strange hearing someone having pretty much the same experience. I was really looking forward especially to the Righteous Ale and still would love to give Diesel and Resin a try, but I just don't know if it's worth it.
  7. It's a 16 oz 4pack. $7.99 by me at WF. Case of diesel is $44.

    I really like diesel and Apollo in cans. Their draft only stuff is great. Mad scientist stuff is really good.

    Not a bengali tiger fan.

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  8. I felt the same way until I got 3beans this past week. It's amazing. Diesel is okay, Resin is a pretty malty IPA so I can see the liking for it. Bengali is just okay. 3beans, however, is worth it beyond all worth is worth.
  9. Meh. I tried a couple and was not impressed. Too hoppy for my tastes with hop flavors I don't like. Couldn't figure out the hype.

    More for those of you who liked it.
  10. BrownAleMale

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    I just bought my 1st Sixpoint which was 3beans. I didnt like it at all, as the alcohol over ran the flavor profile. It will probably be a while before I try something else from them.
  11. MisterBisco

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    I like 3Beans, but not as blown away as I was hoping for. Righteous Ale and Sweet Action are my favorites of their regulars; I find Bengali Tiger unbalanced, and the Crisp just isn't for me. Somehow still haven't had Resin. Autumnation was a snooze-fest, and Diesel is tasty but unsurprising.

    On tap, Gorilla Warfare is the business.
  12. Big fan of Diesel personally and have polished off a couple 4 packs of 3beans and thought it to be very good. Actually Resin might be the least enjoyable of all there beers to me.
  13. crossovert

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    Not a huge fan of them but the Bengali Tiger is solid, stuff like resin or the crisp are absolute abominations imo.
  14. Dont forget those are 16 oz cans, so thats 5 1/2 12 oz beers for that amount, a good price. Only there special beers, resin-3 bean are 12 oz cans.

    They make great beers, uniquie tasting yet spot on for there styles. They were hands my favorite newly tried brewery from 2012. Bengali was my fav but last week i had 3 beans and it floored me.
  15. UCLABrewN84

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    I have had a handful of their beers. I loved a few and thought others were just ok. It's probably just your palate. No worries, there is much more beer to be had.
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