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What's the farthest you've driven for the sole purpose of picking up beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by jeevo, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. I drove over 100 miles for beer but I went on a trek of Vermont breweries. Stopped at the Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, Magic Hat, Harpoon, and Long Trail. I ended up with a case of Heady Topper and a couple of bottles of some Lawson's.
  2. abkayak

    abkayak Advocate (520) New York Jan 8, 2013 Beer Trader

    just soloed this wkend,, first beer run ever..23hr,880mm - 4cs heady,2gal of HF and some minor leaguers...listened to the tournament on the way passing the basketball hall of fame. heard for the 1st time song "Beer Run" and also on the radio Basketball Jones.....overheated 3 times... it kinda seamed like i was being guided on this trip...cant wait to do it again...now sharing the wealth
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  3. nc41

    nc41 Champion (855) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Beer Trader

    4 1/2 hr one way drive side trip to Alchemist.
  4. ldhughes3

    ldhughes3 Advocate (680) Louisiana Jan 4, 2013 Beer Trader

    I managed to get Dark Lord day tickets so my buddy and I will be driving 13 hours (850 miles) one way to Munster in April- it'll be our first time :)
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  5. nc41

    nc41 Champion (855) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Beer Trader

    That's kinda twisted, but I ( we) understand.
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  6. woodchopper

    woodchopper Savant (400) Illinois Jul 31, 2010 Beer Trader

    flew from Moline Illinois to San Deigo for beer week a few years ago ;)
    drove to Atlanta Ga just to have a few beers with a great buddy....
  7. MrRockstar

    MrRockstar Savant (380) Pennsylvania Sep 9, 2006 Beer Trader

    Technically a work trip that I can fly for, but drove the 475 miles Philly to Columbus and back again to bring back a couple growlers of Columbus Bodhi (so damn good), White Rajah,some Fat Heads Head Hunter and a few other things I can't get back in PA. Have done the trip a few times now and will definitely be doing it again.
  8. StArnoldFan

    StArnoldFan Champion (865) Texas Dec 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    It would be much easier to trade for it.
  9. nc41

    nc41 Champion (855) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Beer Trader

    I couldn't trade for 3 cases of Heady Topper and drink HF and Lawson on tap.
  10. StArnoldFan

    StArnoldFan Champion (865) Texas Dec 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    Was I talking about you?
  11. HugeBulge

    HugeBulge Advocate (585) New York Dec 31, 2012 Beer Trader

    Flew to Burlington from long island and rented a car just to go to the alchemist. Back on the plane with 2 cases same day.
  12. GreesyFizeek

    GreesyFizeek Champion (985) New York Mar 6, 2013 Beer Trader

    It'll be the 6-7 hours it'll take me to drive from Rochester to The Alchemist/HF/Long Trail this weekend.
  13. RyanCave

    RyanCave Savant (475) Oregon Apr 13, 2011

    Went from Alexandria, VA, to outside of PA to drop our stuff off at my In-Law's place, then to Milton DE. just over 4 hours total
  14. willseph

    willseph Initiate (0) Illinois Jan 31, 2011

    Frankfurt to Brussels, 400km, took about 4 hours each way.
  15. About an 800 mile round trip.
  16. ChanChan

    ChanChan Advocate (620) California Dec 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    I Loved Stein's!! I was able to go by on my trip to NOLA last year. I called them the night before I left town, they were closed that day but were having a staff meeting at the time... the cool part is they actually let me come in anyway and I bought some great beer!!
  17. MrDave

    MrDave Advocate (705) California Jan 23, 2013 Beer Trader

    5.5 hours this year from Concord. Had about 8 pints, came back with 12 bombers. Completely worth it. Fantastic beer, and really great people.
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  18. not that far....

    when I moved to Temecula I drove up to Placentia to get my Bruery fix that I had left behind.

    when I lived in the SF I drove up to RR... so nothing like you guys and your 3 state treks haha
  19. fvernon

    fvernon Savant (400) Wisconsin Mar 1, 2010

    i've gone 4-5 hours round-trip from southern NH to HF and a Lawson's release, but have met folks standing in line at HF that had driven up from NYC just to fill up growlers and drive back home (14 hours round-trip?)
  20. ddedhed

    ddedhed Advocate (530) Ohio Dec 4, 2012 Beer Trader

    Uhh... I meant to say, she stays home, barefoot and only leaves the kitchen to do the laundry. Because I have a Y chromosome, which means I have balls, which means I am in control, which means I am uncompromising with loved ones. Testosterone, fuck yeah!

    That better?

    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    Four hours to Minneapolis from Wisconsin in order to buy Surly, Great Divide, Odell, Deschutes, and Stone.
  22. Christopper

    Christopper Savant (255) New York Nov 14, 2012

    Buffalo to Winooski for Heady and Lawsons round trip same day 16.5 hours through blinding snow both ways. Now knowing how good both really are, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN ON FOOT!
  23. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Initiate (0) Michigan Feb 16, 2013

    Dunno that i'd go that far (you forgot the bedroom by the way;) ) but we'd have real problems if my g/f tried to tell me whether I could or couldn't buy beer.
  24. El_Zilcho

    El_Zilcho Savant (260) Virginia May 3, 2012

    I took a weekend vacation and drove 2.5 hours to get there for the sole purpose of drinking a beer I already had, does that count? It was a minikeg of Hopslam.
  25. Angst

    Angst Savant (270) California Nov 8, 2007 Beer Trader

    L.A. To San Diego. About 2-3 hours one way. Alesmith, Ballast Point, & Alpine. Was worth it every time!
  26. Kinsman

    Kinsman Advocate (660) California Aug 26, 2009 Verified

    Waterbury is a little under 2 hours from my house and HF is a little over an hour. I'll often just go to HF (just under 150mi round trip) but sometimes I like it up with a trip over to Waterbury and Montpelier.
  27. ddedhed

    ddedhed Advocate (530) Ohio Dec 4, 2012 Beer Trader

    My girlfriend and I do have real problems in our relationship. She thinks it's going nowhere.

    However my relationship with my wife is solid.
  28. I have made several over 4 hours each way. Not sure if it counts, but I drove from Homer Alaska to Michigan and stopped at every(12+) brewery along the way and bought a growler from each for a souvenier.
  29. ThickNStout

    ThickNStout Advocate (645) Georgia Mar 8, 2011 Beer Trader

    7.5 hours each way to Hunahpu's Day from Atlanta both this year and last year.
    I'll be topping that next month going to Dark Lord Day...
  30. joeebbs

    joeebbs Savant (360) Pennsylvania Apr 29, 2009

    I'm not going to include any trips to breweries or bottle shops that were part of an already planned trip to somewhere else....so...

    30.5 miles
  31. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,120) Washington Sep 18, 2010 Beer Trader

    About 15 miles.
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  32. ncaudle

    ncaudle Advocate (700) Virginia May 28, 2010 Beer Trader

    Richmond -> Chicago last year for DLD.
    made the trip more interesting by stopping at Jackie Os, Arbor Brewing, Kuhnhenn, Flossmoor and multiple bottle shops on the way there...
  33. pghlee

    pghlee Savant (265) Georgia Feb 24, 2006

    Atlanta to Madison Wisconsin then to three floyds over 18 hrs. We did a bottle share in the back of the Uhaul though so time flew by.
  34. smutty33

    smutty33 Advocate (705) Connecticut Jun 12, 2009

    About 3 hrs for Kate.

    That will change if I ever make it to VT.

    Cheers All......
  35. DaveHack

    DaveHack Advocate (635) Pennsylvania Mar 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    7 hrs each way to HF. Happened a couple times, and will happen again.
  36. yeah this is true lol but i really don't think i have anything of value to weigh in comparison unfortunately, what people are asking for at least
  37. yeah that seems really overpriced, when bars in the city actually did have it they were asking around $30 tops. i wouldn't mind having it right there at the bar but i really wanna get a bottle i can have at home to age a bit ya know?
  38. brewsader

    brewsader Savant (310) New York Dec 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    jealous of all the people who took 3 hours to get to HF/the alchemist. it took me over twice that and once i did it in one day...
  39. DStoked

    DStoked Savant (370) Ohio Sep 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    About 30 minutes, for the SOLE purpose. Driven a couple hours for Jackie O's release but visited my cousin at OU, so can't call that sole. I'm going to Belgium in May for a beer trip with my buddy. Does that count?
  40. ncaudle

    ncaudle Advocate (700) Virginia May 28, 2010 Beer Trader

    if I had to make a educated guess, Perfect Pour?