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What's the worst beer from your state that you have tried.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by devlishdamsel, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. MammaGoose

    MammaGoose Aficionado (230) Wyoming Jan 10, 2013

    Wonder Bar/Wyoming Brewery in Casper, WY has the most underwhelming beers I have possibly ever tried. I think they started off as more of a brewery, and now they're just more of a regular bar that makes a few beers as an afterthought. I don't think they're even named anything..."The Pale Ale" or "The Amber Ale" or something. They were so uninteresting and had so little character that I'm not even sure if I'd compliment them by calling them bad, they were just underwhelming.

    I really wanted to like them because Wyo needs all the good beer we can get.
  2. Woodward

    Woodward Aficionado (100) Michigan Oct 27, 2012 Beer Trader

    Michigan: Shorts bloody beer
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  3. Interesting to see some beers mentioned that I enjoy very much...
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  4. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) New York Jan 11, 2013

    Hands down, Saranac Caramel Porter, followed by Long Ireland Winter Ale
  5. galvetraz

    galvetraz Aficionado (135) Texas Sep 7, 2009

    I think Shiner Blonde Light is much worse...almost no flavor whatsoever.
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  6. BierStein711

    BierStein711 Savant (270) Illinois Oct 12, 2011

    I had that one too! Big disappointment.
  7. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) New York Jan 11, 2013

    How the fuck could you argue that, everything they brew is brewed in Brooklyn NY
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  8. dcloeren

    dcloeren Advocate (515) Texas Sep 15, 2010 Beer Trader

    I think you have me beat
  9. zeff80

    zeff80 Poobah (1,160) Missouri Feb 6, 2006

    You should try stuff from Weston. It'll change your mind.
  10. superspak

    superspak Poobah (1,285) Michigan May 5, 2010 Beer Trader

    MI: Tri City Fortunato Belgian Dark. I don't think I will be buying a single from them again
  11. zeff80

    zeff80 Poobah (1,160) Missouri Feb 6, 2006

  12. jrnyc

    jrnyc Champion (870) New York Mar 21, 2010 Beer Trader

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  13. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (410) Illinois May 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Illinois: Finch's Toasted Summer

  14. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (410) Illinois May 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Tastes like cold Campbell's vegetable soup and ass.
  15. ja1022

    ja1022 Aficionado (230) Indiana Sep 27, 2009

    Brandy Barrel Aged Alpha Klaus from Floyd's. Nasty vile stuff it was.
  16. jhartley

    jhartley Poobah (1,330) Florida Aug 22, 2010 Beer Trader

  17. klaybie

    klaybie Savant (295) Illinois Nov 15, 2009

    For those of you MA, I've only had Sam Adams (that I can remember anyway) and you should definitely nominate their Gose It made me want to cry. Honestly, I did cry a little.

    EDIT. It's called Verloren, or lost in German
  18. grandmachine

    grandmachine Savant (315) California Mar 11, 2010 Beer Trader

  19. I wouldn't argue over Sixpoint's home state, but would over whether or not Resin is fucking delicious.
  20. yemenmocha

    yemenmocha Poobah (1,255) Arizona Jun 18, 2002

    Anything from OLD WORLD Brewing
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  21. jbaker67

    jbaker67 Advocate (730) Pennsylvania Jul 1, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

  22. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) New York Jan 11, 2013

  23. Chugs13

    Chugs13 Savant (485) New Jersey Dec 11, 2011 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Yeah I have to agree with you on Cricket Hill, pretty much anything they make.
  24. Anything by natty Greene in NC!!
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  25. Bnoise11

    Bnoise11 Savant (370) California Dec 25, 2012

    i agree 100% with you. Karl Strauss as a whole, is horrible.
  26. MammothTarantula

    MammothTarantula Advocate (550) Colorado Jan 22, 2012 Beer Trader

    Everything but Prairie Noir (Oklahoma)
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  27. itsthepleats

    itsthepleats Savant (365) Ohio Mar 19, 2012


    First of a four beer end-of-the-world series. Name was right on. Easily the worst from Ohio.
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  28. kirin

    kirin Initiate (20) Jan 18, 2013

    its called the Funky Buddha and its disgusting
  29. TNGabe

    TNGabe Initiate (0) Tennessee Feb 6, 2012

    Their sour, though simple, is quite good. Their saison is probably the worst beer I've ever had in a bar.

    In Tennessee, there are so many bad breweries, picking one beer would be impossible.
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  30. beertunes

    beertunes Poobah (1,400) Washington Sep 24, 2007 Beer Trader

    If there's a worse beer in Washington than Wingman P-51 Porter, I haven't found it. An insult to an iconic airplane.
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  31. New Jersey: Any beer made by Cricket Hill.
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  32. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Site Editor (1,100) North Carolina Dec 8, 2007 Staff Member Subscriber Beer Trader

    Actually, most of the beer is brewed/canned in PA.

    Cue jesskidden...
  33. szmnnl99

    szmnnl99 Champion (775) Michigan Apr 3, 2006 Beer Trader

    I actually enjoy Atwater Chocolate Ale, I think of it as a chocolate soda. Need to buy some ice cream and do a float.
  34. jlenik

    jlenik Savant (480) New Jersey Jan 22, 2009

    I really like the BBA Porter from Cricket Hill but the rest is meh at best. Never got to try the Barleywine or Brown Ale they put out in bombers. Got to try the "small batch" DIPA on tap and it was decent.

    I do not like Triple Horse from River Horse. But I don't like tripels...
  35. PA. Nights head. Jesus Christ.......
  36. SA Cherry Wheat. Hands down.
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  37. Brunite

    Brunite Savant (430) Illinois Sep 21, 2009

    I love hearing stuff like this from those behind the Cheddar Curtain. Just plain means that there will be more for us enlightened folks from the South:p
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  38. russpowell

    russpowell Poobah (1,335) Oklahoma May 24, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Concur, & it's not even that good at the source either
  39. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poobah (1,210) Maine Sep 17, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Maine: most anything from Shipyard
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  40. Trout River. All of it.
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