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What's your best beer mix?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerrickW, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. DerrickW

    DerrickW Advocate (550) Georgia Jan 17, 2013

    The best beer mix I've had thus far has been Terrapin's Wake-n-Bake and their Moo-Hoo. I have some Founders Imperial Stout in the fridge now and was thinking it would pair well with a raspberry lambic.

    Any thoughts?
  2. stealth

    stealth Advocate (630) Minnesota Dec 16, 2011

    Abyss and Surly Five
  3. Siggy125

    Siggy125 Advocate (545) California Nov 10, 2006

    ST Choklat & BCBS with a touch of crushed serrano chilis.
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  4. DJ Rectangle : Vinyl Kombat
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  5. ZPag

    ZPag Aficionado (105) New York Dec 3, 2012

    Black and Tan of Sucks and Founders Breakfast Stout. So. Delicious. Everyone should try it. I called it breakfast sucks.
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  6. I do this one a lot:
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  7. Founders breakfast stout with about 2 oz. of Great Lake creme breulee. Very nice
  8. Wolfhead

    Wolfhead Savant (315) Illinois Sep 1, 2009

    I mix a lot, tonight I'm trying out Lagunitas Sucks with their Imperial Stout
    Never had the stout but love the Sucks
  9. I like to pour Newman's Lemonade into any beer I am less than crazy about
  10. jbck109

    jbck109 Savant (365) Michigan May 30, 2010

    Should be a good mix, FIS and blushing monk was tasty.
  11. Beefytits4

    Beefytits4 Savant (485) Illinois Nov 2, 2011

    A few years ago I bought a Pumking, I couldn't stand it. I had a case of FBS in the garage so I poured one with it and it was pretty damn good.
  12. 3 parts Hennepin 1 parts Monks flemish sour. Crazy good
  13. Wolfhead

    Wolfhead Savant (315) Illinois Sep 1, 2009

    Lagunitas Imperial Stout mixed with Sucks, best at about 30% Stout and 70% Sucks
    Highly recommended
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  14. dep0952

    dep0952 Disciple (55) Pennsylvania Jul 26, 2012

    Creme brulee n wake & bake
  15. [​IMG]
    This was quite tasty. Beer on the right was a hoppy RIS. Probably 60% celebration.
  16. Nugget Nectar and Brooklyn BCS last night was pretty stellar.
  17. Zanico

    Zanico Savant (435) Ohio Nov 24, 2009

    Has anyone tried making a black and tan with Great Lakes Edmond Fitzgerald and Ballast Point Sculpin IPA? Or is this just being silly?
  18. The most interesting combo I've had is Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen mixed with Sargent Pepper from CBC to make a peppersteak beer.
  19. Jamison85

    Jamison85 Savant (340) Indiana Mar 23, 2013

    Best black and tan i ever had was 1/2 Founders Imperial Stout & 1/2 Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA. Ridiculous & phenomenal.
  20. When I was in college, I used to add a shot of Absolut Citron to my cans of Miller Lite when I received a bottle of the former for my 21st birthday. Not my proudest beer-drinking moment, to be sure, but it got the job done.
  21. jpizz

    jpizz Aficionado (100) Michigan Feb 7, 2013

    Dark horse plead the fifth imperial stout with a shot of woodford reserve bourbon.adds a vanilla and toffee flavor to it
  22. trevorjk

    trevorjk Savant (330) Netherlands Aug 28, 2009

    Wells Banana Bread Beer and Goose Island Big John was pretty awesome
  23. Any mediocre IPA mixed with a very small amount of grapefruit Steigel makes for a good IPA.
    Well's Banana bread 50/50 with Sam Smiths organic chocolate stout is amazing!
    Also Southern tier Choklat and Southern tier Creme are a good combo, but super sweet.
  24. ST Creme Brulee and Pumking
  25. Jonnyhiggs

    Jonnyhiggs Savant (260) Illinois Dec 7, 2012

    BCS Vanilla and BCS Cherry. Just do it. It's amazing.
  26. i still have dreams of that.
  27. 2/3rds Dead Guy and 1/3rd Arrogant Bastard - Dead Bastard