Where can I buy Saint Arnold Endeavour at a bottle shop in Houston?

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Vikingdrinker, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Hey all, going to Texas later this week and want to bring back a couple 22's of one of favorite DIPA's. Anyone know where I could get get Endeavor at a bottle shop in Houston? Already checked Spec's, didn't show up on search.
  2. UT-Alex

    UT-Alex Initiate (0) Texas Sep 15, 2012

    Pretty much anywhere. Just call a Specs when you get there. I've always seen Endeavour at every place I've gone. HEB and Randalls should have it too. It won't be hard to find.
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  3. champ103

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    It is everywhere. HEB, Kroger, Specs. The Specs website is not very user friendly, and may not be updated. You can find cases of it at pretty much any place that sells beer in Houston. Check the bottle date, cause some old stuff can linger for a bit. I don't know what the most recent batch is? If I find out, I'll post back.
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  4. kemoarps

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    Independence also has some good stuff, as does Southern Star. Buried Hatchet, Convict Hill, and Bombshell Blonde are all beers of theirs I used to really enjoy when I lived in TX
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  5. Thanks, I'll call them.
  6. Thanks for the advice about checking date...definitely a beer you want to drink fresh.
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  7. Appreciate it. I'll have to try the Real Ale and some others if I have time.
  8. Thanks
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  9. Texas_Speed

    Texas_Speed Savant (325) Texas Aug 22, 2012

    Also seek out D&Q Mini Mart. That place has a great bottle selection and carries almost anything you can think of. The owner is a truly awesome person.

    D&Q Mini Mart
    806 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006.
  10. HookemHops13

    HookemHops13 Advocate (535) Texas Mar 21, 2013

    Pretty sure most recent Endeavor is 4/12/13. Grabbed a bottle the other say. Prior to that is 3/20/13.
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  11. DanzBorin

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    Where did you find 4/12?
  12. UHCougar12

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    Found mine at heb in spring
  13. DanzBorin

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    HEB Bunker Hill has 4/12 too.
  14. HookemHops13

    HookemHops13 Advocate (535) Texas Mar 21, 2013

    HEB Buffalo Speedway in Houston. Sounds like HEB is the shit for Endeavor...
  15. HookemHops13

    HookemHops13 Advocate (535) Texas Mar 21, 2013

    Just as a note. Had a Endeavor bottled 2/11(?)/13 and 4/12/13 tonight. Blind test and clearly chose the 4/12/13.

    To my primitive palate, nicer floral notes and crisper hop bite. The older Endeavor was still tasty but was a clear loser in the side by side.

    Gonna try to keep my Endeavor purchases to <1 month from here on out. Luckily I'm in Houston so I should be good to go.
  16. BKotch

    BKotch Advocate (505) Texas Jan 11, 2001

    3/20 Endeavour is everywhere, but I've seen 4/12 Endeavour at Spec's Smith Street and it's obviously elsewhere. Every day fresher matters. Always check the dates.
  17. PhatAtUT

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    anyone seen anything newer than 08/08/13, or know the next bottling date?
  18. gomezman78

    gomezman78 Aficionado (215) Texas Mar 30, 2011

    Last bottling run was 8/29. Next one will be in a week or so.
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  19. PhatAtUT

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