Where can I order special order logs/kegs from - Northshore MA

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  1. Hi,
    Was hoping for some help. I have a kegerator and am looking to special order some logs. I found Kappy's in Medford to have a decent selection, but I find it difficult to special order some kegs. Does anyone have any recommendations about places that will go out of their way to find some special kegs/logs? Any suggestions would be incredibly helpful.

  2. knowing what your looking for would probably help. getting american craft that gets distro to the area regularly would not be hard if you get to know the beer guy at a store. If specialty means limited seasonals or things that rarely hit distro it will be tough. colonial spirits in acton has a large keg selection, and I'm sure they would put in the order for other stuff if its available
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    Ball square fine wine liquors showed me a list once of everything they could order. Order before Tuesday and you'll have it for the weekend. No experience though, my kegerator is strictly for homebrews.
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  5. Never been big on snark, but the solution seems obvious. Find the beer you want (with a couple fall back options), then start calling solid stores around you, starting with closest to and gradually moving further away to see who can get it/has it/has the best price.

    Done and done!
  6. Also to echo rowingbrewer - give the folks at Colonial in Acton a shout.
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    Give the guys at Redstone Liquors in Stoneham a ring. Good eggs and reasonable prices.
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    Not to beat a dead horse, but I too have had great experiences with getting kegs at Colonial Spirits in Acton. Just about done with my Hoponious Union keg, maybe I should be thinking about something new...
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