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Where do I pick up my RS bottles from The Bruery?

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by MoparGrease, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. MoparGrease

    MoparGrease Initiate (0) California Jul 26, 2012

    Does anyone know the adress where I can pick up my bottles?
  2. Address:
    717 Dunn Way
    Placentia, CA 92870

    Tasting Room Hours:
    Monday-Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
    Friday: 2pm - 10pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 12pm -10pm

    Send them an e-mail before you pick them up as that's what they request you do.
  3. MoparGrease

    MoparGrease Initiate (0) California Jul 26, 2012

    Thank you sir
  4. You can also pick up your beer Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm, they just won't be pouring anything during that time.
  5. Last email I saw said 10AM M-F.
  6. mattolesh

    mattolesh Savant (270) California Sep 30, 2007

    Yup, this is true.

    RS staff is present between 10am-10pm M-F and 12-10pm Sat and Sun.
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