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Where do you place australian craft in the global scene

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by aussieoverlord, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I was thinking on a nationwide basis, I never make it out to sample even the 'local' beer scene.

    It's interesting the two Vic breweries you pull up though; I have a lot of respect for Temple. The only complaint I have heard about their Scarlet (and I haven't been listening very hard) is that the sourness tastes more from the additions than the beer.

    I've also, most lamentably, never been to the Wig & Pen and have yet to taste any sour Ferals :(
  2. Lukie

    Lukie Savant (460) Australia Jun 16, 2007

    What sourness?

    It's not sour at all.
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  3. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Savant (280) Australia Feb 14, 2012

    It's a little sour. You have to remember Lukie has destroyed his palate over the years with sour beers. Each more sour then the last... When I picture Lukie I always think of Homer at the candy convention eating the sour ball, so sour that it had to be contained in a garvitational field... Back on topic though, I think Temple were always trying to create an 'entry level' sour.It's not really for us, more to get the general public into it.

    Thats correct.
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  4. judging by how hard it was to list my top 5 aus / nz brews due to the amount of quality beers ive drunk over the last year i'd have to say the industry is looking good. People are quick to complain but im sure the top 5 will be beers that will hold their own around the world.
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  5. and let's face it - that comment would not have been made 12-24 months ago :)