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Where is it???

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Pwnzilla, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. So today I was able to buy the last 2 bottles of Abyss from my local grocery store. I went to my second secret shop and they were out too. Does this mean that my area of Washington is out? I was planning a trip down to Portland in the the next month or so. Can I buy it at the brewery still or is it out there too? Its a sad day when I cant just run down to the corner and buy a bottle here and there!! Thanks for any leads.
  2. BuckeyeOne

    BuckeyeOne Advocate (610) Washington Mar 9, 2008 Verified

    You're lucky. The Abyss hung around longer this year than previous years. With that said, I've not seen it around Seattle in a month or more.
  3. I bought 6 bottles for a BA from that side of the water just recently. I know I have been very fortunate to have them this long and now it seems as my supply might be exhausted. It was great while it lasted!!