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  1. Since we see a lot of "Where should I go threads," I thought I'd post a thread from a slightly different angle. Having lived in the Northeast for over a decade--to be a "real" BA--where should I have been and what should I have drunk? Name 3 beers, bars, breweries & festivals. I'll start:

    Beers: KtG, HT, Lunch
    Bars: Ebenezer's, Publick House, Prohibition Pig (/Alchemist)
    Breweries: HF, NEBCO, Portsmouth Brewery
    Festivals: NERAX, ACBF, Vermont Brewers Festival
  2. Beers: KtG, HF Birth of Tragedy, Cambridge Brewing Cerise Cassée.
    Bars: Lord Hobo, Alchemist, Farmhouse Tap & Grill
    Breweries: CBC, Portsmouth, HF
    Festivals: EBF, ACBF, Vermont Brewers Fest
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    -If you are into sours you must go to Cambridge Brewing Company's anniversary party
    -Sitting on the patio of Novare Res in the summer time is tough to beat
    -For something a bit more off the BA radar: go to Nashoba Valley Winery, fill up a couple of your growlers for $6 a pop, and drink them on the lawn overlooking the vineyard. They are making some good stuff there these days
  4. Any BA that has stepped foot in Rhode Island should have made it a point to go to Track 84.
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