Where to Get African Beers in the USofA

Discussion in 'Africa' started by JohnMark, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. JohnMark

    JohnMark Initiate (20) Jan 22, 2013

    Other than Tusker and Casablanca, beers from the African continent are hard to find in the USA. Anyone know of stable sources? Thanks,
  2. ao125

    ao125 Savant (335) Virginia Dec 1, 2010

    Oddly enough, the 7-11 by my apartment has several beers from Ethiopia. They also have injera on the bread aisle, instead of just Wonder bread.

    I've thought about giving the beer a try, but it's not on my radar.
  3. PorterLambic

    PorterLambic Advocate (610) Florida Nov 26, 2003

    I have seen a few from the Dark Continent at my local pub over the years. Others than Tusker I cannot recall which off the top of my pointy dome, however. All were lagers, best as I recall, though one may have been a stout. Wow, that was almost useful info. I'll keep an eye out next time I'm in.
  4. I would be willing to throw down a simple trade or some paypal cash to try some worth trying.
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  5. I am not sure there are any brews from Africa that are worth trying :p

    The South African craft beer scene is improving, so maybe there will be some good ones coming out in the next year or two.
  6. I'd not bother with beers from Africa. I've spent a while traveling in East and southern Africa and never found any really good beer apart from a couple of very small breweries in South Africa. "Local Beer" is interesting but not something that will be for export. It made made from maize and what ever else is available. It's drunk to get drunk but some of it is interesting. Get on a 'plane and try it.
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  7. Reminds me of traditional inca corn beer.
    It was tasty, and at least they didnt try to hide the corn.....I'm looking at you ABinbev...
  8. Beetles

    Beetles Disciple (60) Texas Feb 25, 2014

    There are many wonderful favors of Africa used in crafting beer. Keep an open mind as do I when drinking America beer
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  9. rab53

    rab53 Advocate (625) Washington May 1, 2005

    I'd be down with a trade for some African beer, if only to travel vicariously through the bottle.
  10. It should be. When Harar and Bedele are in their prime, it's good. And not the typical macro swill you see from most other countries. Consistency/freshness seems to be an issue, but damn I love those beers.

    Where in VA are you, btw? If I'm in the area I'd like to stop by to get some.
  11. Hello all,

    I see it's been a while since anyone has posted in this group... I'm from South Africa and after travelling around on the continent, I've concluded that there are far nicer beers in other African countries than the ones I get at home. I would kill to get a Tusker here but it looks like that's near impossible. Envy all of you who can buy it in the States!
  12. Welcome.. Are you in the UK? You could get it there a few years ago in one of the big supermarkets, sorry can't remember which one. Tusker is my favourite African beer so far, it's even better though in Kenya!
    If you are in the UK and want to find Tusker you might want to post in the UK section where you'll find loads of friendly beer lovers who'll help you. Cheers:)

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