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Which Canadian beer got you interested in craft beer?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Lurkaholic, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. I saw a less specific version of this thread on the beer talk forums and would be interested to hear a Canadian version of it.

    For me, it was Unibroue's Maudite in 2003. I was a typical UK lager drinker who branched out into occasional cask ales and bitters for a laugh every now and then, until I visited BC for the first time in and picked up a random bottle of it along with some lagers- a complete impulse purchase based on the 'insane' (devil grinning at a flying canoe?!) label and 'insane' ABV. It completely floored me - was very difficult to drink the lagers after that but I did so as fast as I could so I could get more of these crazy quebec beers.

    9 years later, and I still love Unibroue. Merci Quebec!
  2. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (660) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    I guess the first Canadian craft brew I got into was Waterloo Dark. Nowadays, I look forward to seeing what's new in the LCBO whenever I come home in the summer, as the market has moved quite a bit in the last few years. I also look forward to seeing Headstock IPA again.

  3. Red Racer IPA. I only waned to try it once to see what it was all about, just a little taste. I mean what's the harm in trying it once, right? Right?
  4. About 8 years ago, was drinking Guinness regularly. Went to pick some up for the weekend, but the store was out. Went to 2 other stores, they were also out. Saw this St Ambroise oatmeal stout on the shelf, so gave it a whirl. Never went back to Guinness after that, been hooked on full flavoured beer ever since.
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  5. Creemore Springs, if not for it suddenly appearing, I probably would have never got on board.
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  6. While I had dabbled with Unibroue stuff, it was the fact that my sister married an guy who was in business with the Picaroons guys in NB at the time. I was given opportunity and access to some good beer and I have not looked back.
  7. Way back when, I can't remember if was Warthog or Magpie...
  8. Been into Unibroue like 15+ years ago but really only latched onto craft in 2005, Bieropholie beers turned me onto it locally and for US micros, believe it or not, those Page-a-Day calendars!
  9. Big Rock Trad and Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale. They weren't the first craft beers I tried, but they were probably the ones that really got me hooked.

    Alley Kat and Sherbrooke almost made up for the 8 months of winter... almost
  10. Mill St something rather, most likely.
  11. Copperhead White then Upper Canada Dark.
  12. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    John Labatt's Classic, used to worked for Alberta Brewers Agents which was the warehousing and delivery system for the big three. Classic's quality was one step above the rest of the products we worked with.
  13. This guy:

  14. Dieu du Ciel`s Corne de Diable - made me fall for hops. I had just quit smoking and my palate exploded!
  15. Probably Granville Island brews for me - I don't drink a lot of Granville Island anymore but they do have the odd great beer, such as the recent 'Cloak & Dagger' CDA. I have a lot of respect for G.I. for their ability to get craft beer into the mainstream in Vancouver so long before most.
  16. Kind of bizarrely: Upper Canada Maple Brown. The idea of putting maple into beer kind of hinted at the possibilities.
  17. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    That is a good one!
  18. Drank a whole pile of early Canadian craft beers: Fort Garry, Big Rock, Unibroue... But never really figured it out, dabbling in good beer while drinking yellow fizz. I did fall in love with Amsterdam Nut Brown in 1999, but only drank it when I was in Ottawa.

    I liked Half Pints but thought the Bomber sized bottles were odd, so I never really had a Cadndian break through beer. Oddly I had had all sorts of really solid beers by SAM smith, Surly, etc...without my light going off. It took Goose Island IPA to make me realize there was no reason to drink yellow beer, then I started making beer and drinking copious amounts of Half Pints.
  19. For me it was Mill Street Organic. Now it's basically water to me, but hey whatever gets the job done. That was over two years ago and I've come a long way since.
  20. Hasn't been nearly as long ago as I thought, but for me it was Creemore Lager (pre-Molson) to Connor's Best Bitter (which The Brick no longer brews) followed by Cameron's Auburn and Black Oak Pale Ale... amazing how much the Ontario landscape has changed and how quickly it's moving.
  21. Horseshoe Bay Brewpub Ales were my first Craft beers. What a great pub and with great beers. Long gone. The pubs been remodelled aswell and not the same. About the same time Granville Lager and Bock came out and Spring Pale Ale, Porter and their Stout (Really good). Then all the PNW stuff like Pike Market IPA, Rouge Ales ,Widmar Hefeweizen, Pyramid Pale Ale started showing up. Salior Hagars Brew Pub Brews also was so good when they brewed their own stuff.
  22. Shaftesbury beers since my Dad brewed for them. I still remember the keg of Xmas Ale aging in the cold in the garage. January tasted amazing :). We are talking the real Shaftesbury not the bought out crap we drink now
  23. I guess the craft beer that got me hooked was the variety of on-tap at Bushwakker's about 16-18 years ago, specifically Pickard's Oatmeal Cream Stout and Regina Pale Ale. However, honourable mention goes to Rickard's Red (not really a craft beer I know) about 18-20 years ago that at least gave me the courage to explore the beer world beyond the north american lager.
  24. Upper Canada Summer Brew still have an empty bottle kicking around.. Love that label !!!
  25. Granville Island
  26. Boreal and Unibroue back in the ole ole days
  27. I was both pushed and pulled into the bigger world of good beer. Long time ago I only drank molson Pilsner aka Vitamin P because a) my dad drank it b) cool label with the rabbits and c) was cheap. But then it became fashionable and 'cool' and that drove the price up. As soon as the price of a six pack became similar to 'quality' beers I was 'pushed' and started looking around the shelf instead of the usual grab and run of Pil. I first got into lagers that were I guess a bit better than the rest such as Okanagan Spring 1516 which I had on tap in Sydney BC and it was so fresh. Later at a party I had a Okanagan Spring Porter and enjoyed it. I didn't notice it was was 9% at first but then thought that was manly and all that stuff. No looking back since then and then got 'pulled' into Sherbrooke Liquor store by a friend - now a very good friend for life.
  28. My gateway beer into craft and import beers was a Canadian one. It was St. Ambroise Framboise in Mike's Place at Carleton University. Not going to put how long ago that was...
  29. Unibroue. Always picked up a few bottles of Maudite and Fin Du Monde on ski trips to Quebec, and enjoyed a 750 of Raftman down in Nova Scotia one summer way back.
  30. My wife introduced me to Steamwhistle around 2002 after she has done a marketing project on craft beer in college.

    A couple coworkers introduced me to Unibroue (Blanche de Chambly & Trois Pistole) around 2005. (I was also introduced to Hoegaarden around the same time which began my love of wheat beer!)
  31. Creemore Springs back in the very early 90's. Once my cousin introduced me to it, there was no looking back. It's been craft beer ever since.
  32. FEUO

    FEUO Initiate (0) Ontario (Canada) Jul 24, 2012

    Maudite, or as a slack-jawwed-yokel buddy of mine called it... Mud-eye.
  33. Conner's, back when it came in the 2l plastic bottles.
  34. Never being a big fan of the common beers here in Alberta (Lucky, Black Label, Canadian, etc.), my beers of choice for years were Guinness and Hoegaarden, but aside from the occasional Innis & Gunn I'd never really considered "exploring" beer until trying the Alley Kat Whyte IPA on a whim a few weeks ago. It was awesome, so I'd decided to look closer into craft beer and found out about the Sherbrooke liquor store here in Edmonton. I walked in, was overwhelmed my the insane choice, and walked out with 7 bottles of varying styles from varying regions. I really enjoyed almost everything I picked up on that trip, and after googling them and ending up here, doing a ton of reading, I became hooked on craft beer. I still enjoy my old standbys, but now I know there is a world of great beer out there beside the one stout and one wheat beer I usually got.
  35. Blanche de Chambly, Fin du Monde and Maudite circa (I am going to date myself here) 1993-1994.
  36. I bridged from Molson Porter to boxes of Wellington County Ale in 1985. Haven't been the same since.
  37. Okanagan Springs Pale ale back when I was 18 and in university and knew nothing about beer. A friend who was 19 said it would be something good to buy for a night of drinking.
  38. Driftwoods Fat Tug I had to see what the fuss was about.
  39. Dupont Foret was what started it all for me during a wedding trip to San Fran, but as soon as I got back I looked more into this 'craft beer' thing and decided to get a mix winter pack of Red Racer (ESB, IPA, Winter, Pumpkin) DAMN my taste buds were never the same.
  40. mill st.'s tankhouse ale, they seem to not get great reviews too often, but I've yet to be disappointed by anything they make.