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Whistler & Vancouver Beer Spots

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Wolfpack2005, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I couple buddies and I are going up to Whistler for a snowboarding trip in late Feburary. What are some of the better brew pubs and bottle shops that we need to hit up while we are up there. We will mainly be in Whistler but will be in Vancouver for a night or two. Recommendations of any kind are welcome as none of us have ever been to either place. We are all looking forward to our first trip across the boarder! Cheers.
  2. While in vancouver: St. Augustines, Biercraft, The Alibi Room are like the holy trinity of beer spots in vancouver. I've heard good things about Portland Craft and Bitter as well but i've personally never been.

    check out augustines live beer menu!

  3. High Mountain Brewpub in Whistler is your best bet for quality beer near the skihill. Try the IPA, just won best IPA in BC I believe, or 2nd best?

    Best Craftbeer Pubs In Vancouver:
    Alibi Room, St Augustines, Biercraft, Portland Craft, Bitter, Tap and Barrel (exclusively BC beers), Central City

    Brewpubs - not too many unfortunately - Steamworks, Yaletown Brewing, Dockside, Big Ridge (Surrey)

    Lesser known places - Pumphouse Pup, Hogshack, O'Hares, Sunset Grill, Morrissey, Pourhouse, Chambar, The Park (depending what area of Vancouver you're in there's lots of great smaller places)

    Bottle Shops - Brewery Creek, Legacy Liquor, Firefly, Viti, 16 Street Liquor Store (on the way to Whistler in West Van actually, worth stopping in and it's got great prices compared to the rest of Van), Central City in Surrey also has a great bottle shop.

    Anything above is easily googled. Most places downtown carry craftbeer, but unless you're at one of the better places servers are pretty useless. If you ask for an IPA they're likely to give you Alexander Keiths...shame of Canada....
  4. Yikes! Best (only) IPA in that particular restaurant, maybe. Still not a bad place to go for a bite to eat and some beer, though.
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  5. Hit the 16th st Liquor Store (as mentioned) on the way up for provisions, Whistler is pretty much a craft wasteland.
    If your timing is right, stop for lunch or dinner in Squamish (around half way between Vancouver and Whistler) for some great beer and food at the Howe Sound Brewpub.
  6. Never actually had it myself. Just checked and yup, 5 Rings IPA won best IPA in the BC Beer Awards among 36 other IPAs.
  7. It would appear you are correct.:eek:

    Now excuse me while I go indulge in BC's best beer, Steamworks Pilsner.

    Really, though, 5 Rings is drinkable. Enjoyable, even. But if they offer you a sample of their Imperial Stout (not on the menu) run far, far away.

    Best beer I had in Whistler was at Araxi (lol). It's not exactly a beer joint, but they do serve Maudite, La Chouffe, Indica IPA and some other good stuff.
  8. LOL I had the Imperial Stout in the middle of summer in 30 degree heat on the patio, NO idea why it was on the menu but needless to say I was done for the day.
  9. Thanks for the advice, we are looking forward to the trip!
  10. I can't praise the Alibi Room enough. Everything about that bar is great. Staff, atmosphere, prices, selection and knowledgeable staff.
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  11. yeah it really is the best, albeit the smallest beer menu of the three i mentioned.. But Augustines environment, staff, and food menu are all awful... Biercraft is so-so.. Fantastic mussels though
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  12. Maybe smallest of the 3, but Alibi still 40+ taps don't they? Many of which you won't find anywhere else.

    If you can only make 1 stop in Vancouver it has to be Alibi Room :)
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  13. I got to try The Abyss there, so they have a some good gems!