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White chocolate/chocolate rain/black Tuesday

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by TomFoolery_x, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. So I know everyone hates these treads, but I have to do it.

    I'm currently working on a trade for 2 white chocolate. I was wondering if I could trade a white chocolate for a chocolate rain? And then in turn, I wanted to see if I could possibly trade a white chocolate, Black Tuesday and a chocolate rain for a rare or KH+BCBVS. I could be way off but I'm just looking for input.
  2. IMO - no chance a White Chocolate scores a Chocolate Rain.

    I do, however, think you could potentially land a rare or kh+ or BCBVS+

    who knows....just drink 'em!
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  3. WC will not land chocolate rain
  4. i would be willing to bet close to 100% of the people who got chocolate rain also were able to get white chocolate, but i guess nothing is impossible.
  5. White Chocolate is more plentiful and possibly a little less $$ than Chocolate Rain, so I think that makes it less likely to do it straight up 1:1. Plus, vast majority who have CR has access to WC, making the trade less likely as well.

    If you want to cough up a WC, BT & CR for a Rare, I'm your guy. . . but I think you're giving up too much frankly.

    I think all three bruery beers are better than KH + BCBVS.
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  6. Shilt

    Shilt Savant (440) Virginia Dec 26, 2011

    Drink them first, then decide if you want to trade them. FWIW, I'm in the process of trading a CR+BT for a Rare. So you probably aren't too far off if you end up landing a CR.
  7. aasher

    aasher Champion (910) Indiana Jan 27, 2010

    I will add that people who still have BCBVS also have had a few shots at White Chocolate. I for one said no to White Chocolate.
  8. DSlim71

    DSlim71 Savant (495) New Jersey Mar 3, 2010

    So you're only getting the WCs to try to up-trade them for other beers? You have to consider that most people with Chocolate Rain will have/have access to White Chocolate.

    edit: Yeah, what beerandraiderfan said.
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  9. stupac2

    stupac2 Initiate (0) California Feb 22, 2011

    Trading like that is pointless, IMO. When you add in shipping you're just paying out the ass for those beers. If I get something in the mail, I drink it.

    As for your question, like everyone else here I can safely say that there's no way in hell you'll get a CR for a White Chocolate. Reserve Society got 3 CRs and 7 WCs, and WC is like half the price (I think, I may be misremembering, but it's significantly more expensive). But you can almost certainly get those other beers with CR+BT, if you can manage to get CR and BT (of course, if you can do that, you can probably just straight-up get Rare/KH/BCBVS).
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  10. White Chocolate will not land Chocolate Rain... I'd be willing to say that 2 White Chocolates wouldn't land 1 CR.... Your problem with the trade logic is that everyone that has a CR, probably could land as many WC's as they wanted in the Reserve Society or trade for one and not have to give up a big bottle like CR....
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  11. After everyone ordered their allotments of up to six White Chocolate bottles, there was enough left over for The Bruery to hold another sale for WC, unlimited quantity until they ran out. I met a guy at Kern River Brewing Company who said he ordered an additional 20.

    Chocolate Rain? Between our Reserve Society bottle that came with the membership and the allotment, I think we could get three.

    So, no, you probably won't be able to get a Choco Rain for a WC. That said, WC is pretty tasty and you can probably get something decent for it from an out-of-state BAer.

    The WC, CR and BT for a BCBVS and KH also sounds pretty doable.
  12. Photekut

    Photekut Initiate (0) Tennessee Mar 31, 2006

    Stop trying to win at BA trading and you will be more likely to find a good long term trading partner or two.

    When these releases come out you may be shocked at the emails you get when another BA says look what I got for you if you are not using their beers as pawns.
  13. funhog

    funhog Savant (440) Illinois Mar 8, 2011

    Maybe a Black Tuesday? Maybe?
  14. funhog

    funhog Savant (440) Illinois Mar 8, 2011

    Don't do it!
  15. If they stuff your trading for the white chocolates can't land the CR, why would the white chocolates land it?
  16. Not trying to "win". I'm getting two bottles of white chocolate. One to share with a buddy, the other I want to trade.
  17. And in regard to why everyone else is saying, what would I have to add on to a white chocolate to get a chocolate rain? Maybe WC+BCBS coffee for CR?
  18. Photekut

    Photekut Initiate (0) Tennessee Mar 31, 2006

    If you got 2 in a trade... how are you going to share one with your buddy, trade one for a CR ( which of course would not be trying to "win" that trade ), then trade the CR, BT, and a 2nd WC that you say you and your buddy were going to share which would then be empty for a Rare ?

    I gave you some good advice. Find some good trading partners and develop a relationship.
  19. White Chocolate is almost completely worthless in any equation where "White Chocolate + X = Chocolate Rain". All that matters is X. Both beers are part of The Bruery Reserve Society, and WC allocations were huge, plus there was the opportunity to buy even more. Lots of people ended up with 10-ish bottles of WC. Nobody got more than 3 bottles of CR though. There is likely nobody out there who has CR but didn't get WC.

    You're really going about this whole trading thing wrong, on numerous levels.
  20. JM03

    JM03 Initiate (0) Ohio Nov 12, 2010

    As others have said, the majority of people who have rain already have white chocolate. Even if they didn't, they could get one much easier than having to trade the rain. White chocolate pretty much has 0 pull when trying to land a rain
  21. This sounds a lot like that plan where a guy ended up making a series of trades where he started with a dollar and ended up with a house. I don't think it quite works that way with beer trading, especially after you factor in shipping.

    This seems like a great way to be the next jojo....
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  22. Someone should try the beer trading equivalent of that. Start with a 6 month old can of Bud Light and end up with a Rare.
  23. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Advocate (720) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    *eating popcorn*
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  24. Yeah, I realize now that makes no sense. I was at work and rushing to type that out and I guess my thinking was a bit dicey.
  25. How is it considered going about trading "wrong" because I'm trying to land some if my big wants? And I've already had WC and BT so I'm not worried about those. And while trying chocolate rain would be swell, I'd rather land a couple long time wants if I can. That's my logic..idk how that's skewed. /rant
  26. That is great advice, and I am currently on second & third trades with people, but that kind of thing takes time. I can't just build a trusting relationship overnight
  27. prdstmnky

    prdstmnky Savant (420) Vermont Jan 8, 2010

    Whats the rush?
  28. No rush, but it does take time and that's all I'm trying to say I guess. But whilst doing that, I want to keep trying to land some bigger wants
  29. RedBeeron

    RedBeeron Savant (260) California Jul 7, 2012

    Of the three, white chocolate is probably the most drinkable as of right now, and a damn fine beer.

    Im willing to bet you seriously re-evaluate your willingness to trade it away once you actually try it. Regarding black Tuesday, you should have a reasonable chance of landing one if you have the trade ammo to land 2x white chocolate. Regarding chocolate rain, it's probably a little late to try and snag a batch two at this point. Pure speculation, but if next year is similar to this year, it should rerelease around march and be much easier to land.

    In the intervening three months, do your best to befriend someone in the reserve society (perhaps the person sending you two white chocolates?). Step one would of course be killing them with extras (seriously. Send them a box so heavy they throw their back out picking it up. Or give them a wild animal as an extra, that could probably kill them too).
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  30. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    It's like trading draft picks in Madden Franchise Mode, apparently. And stupac is right that the costs get enormous.
  31. guys how many times do i have to uptrade before i can get rare?
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  32. You can poke all the fun you want. I will have my whales!!!
  33. Hey buddie that WC is so fine...imma sit on Santa's lap this xmas and share that WC with him.

    Get those BCBS variants from your area and work your way up!
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  34. Bad_Trader

    Bad_Trader Initiate (0) Namibia Nov 8, 2012

    You have Bourbon County Coffee, and Cherry Rye listed as beers you have.
    When you get serious about wanting wanting Chocolate Rain or Bourbon County Vanilla, that Rye will be put on the table.

    You have the beers necessary to get your "big wants" you're just holding those ransom to try to trade lesser desirable beers in terms of "trade value" thusly you're trying to "Win" the trade.

    That's what I do. Don't sip on my kool-aid bro!
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  35. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    See, there is your problem. Two months in and deadset on landing "whales". Spend that same energy on developing trade partners instead and I guarantee you will have more success. Quite frankly you are doing it wrong. So wrong.
  36. SpdKilz

    SpdKilz Advocate (710) Illinois Jan 8, 2009

    You should have this open in a word document at all times on your computer, because honestly I feel I have seen this posted multiple times in just the past few days (all new traders, coincidentally many from Illinois...ha).

    As Chadquest said yesterday, good luck trying to slay the whale's single handed. The great point he made (and others have) is make friends with both people around your area, and get regular trade partners. I have been able to try more crazy rare beers not by me PERSONALLY acquiring them, but due to the generosity of surprise packages from long time traders and/or the insane generosity of my fellow Chicago beer friends.

    I understand where you are coming from - the world of craft beer is new and exciting and you want to try it all. Just don't think you can get to try everything overnight and realize if you make threads about getting one beer to just try and up-trade it for another, it is somewhat off putting to fellow BA's (at least it is to me). It is not always about maximizing return.
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  37. Why not just trade the extra White Chocolate for some other beer you really want to try of a similar price/quality/rarity? I'm sure you could score something nice with it that you haven't had before rather than trying to work out some trade for Chocolate Rain that isn't going to happen unless you get really lucky.
  38. Brew33

    Brew33 Advocate (655) Ohio Oct 24, 2007

    It's so funny to see the responses of BAs in here who were putting up very similar threads when they first joined..... The BA maturation process.....
  39. RC0032

    RC0032 Aficionado (205) Illinois Mar 10, 2009

    What is CR trading for? cracked my last one this weekend and now I wantz mor!
  40. I would definitely give up my Rare for a BT, CR, & WC!

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