Who Gots the Fluff?

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by Fluke828, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Pretty Things has mentioned that Fluffy White Rabbits will be hitting stores this week.......

    Any sightings yet in the city? Wanna grab several for Easter.....
  2. bleakies

    bleakies Savant (430) Massachusetts Apr 11, 2011

    I haven't seen it but thanks for the heads up. I really liked last year's batch.
  3. emannths

    emannths Savant (435) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007

    It's here. Well, it's at Liquor World in Porter at least.
  4. I was going to start looking look for it tomorrow. This is actually my favorite offering from PT. Can't wait to try this year's batch.
  5. I would have to agree. Looks like it is dropping at a lot of places tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. bootdown21

    bootdown21 Savant (445) Connecticut May 14, 2009

    It is at Julio's per their facebook page.
  7. Got two from Central Bottle in Cemtral Sq. And 2 Brett Berliners. And cheese. And mushroom pate. And Iggy's bread.
    Neat place!
  8. They had lots of it.
  9. Picked one up at Gimbrel's in Washington Square/Brookline, they have a limited selection of craft, but a good amount of fluff - 8.99.

    Great beer, enjoyed it right when I got home.
  10. I was hoping this might be about Smuttynose's Marshmallow Fluff porter(?). I heard something about it on a tour of the brewery last year but it was a one-off brew for a Fluff festival. Guess it's too much to hope that they made a batch for retail. :(
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  11. Bumping an old thread. I picked up a bottle yesterday dated March 2015. What is the time after brewing beyond which I should pass on this beer? I have not seen Fluffy White Rabbits in any RI stores previously, found it in Burrillville, of all places.
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  12. dumpman

    dumpman Savant (250) Rhode Island Feb 6, 2010

    Must be corkscrew, the only semi legit store in the town,imo.
  13. If Corkscrew is in a little shopping area next o a restaurant and a Dunkin Donuts, then yeah, that was the place. I somehow always end up stopping in when I am out that way.
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  14. bleakies

    bleakies Savant (430) Massachusetts Apr 11, 2011

    I just picked up a bottle from March the other day and it was great. I wouldn't make a point of saving it, but at 8.5% abv it should hold up pretty well.
  15. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (425) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Finally got a chance to go to Harry's on the Hill in Provi. They had it on tap. Very tasty. And Harry's is a great place for sliders and beer!