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Whos going to Bacon and Beer?

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by radiantdesigner, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Just wondering who may be going to Bacon and Beer in Boston? Im planning on buying my tix tomorrow, it usually sells out super fast!
  2. I went the first year and was rather unimpressed. Didn't hear much about last years. How was it?
  3. Last years was pretty insane, I felt like my lungs had a sheen of bacon grease covering them after the festival. It was in a nightclub that wasn't built with cooking bacon in mind, so it got a little stuffy and greasy. Other than that the restaurants that attended brought some really amazing bacon concoctions, the beer was great and the pairing of tasty bacon treats and local beer can't be beat! We're definitely going back this year and I'd recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in either bacon or beer. Just don't plan any strenuous activity for the rest of the day; you will be in a bacon coma.
  4. That's good to hear. I'm sure a lot of the annoyances I experienced the first year was because it was the first year. A lot of the Bacon dishes sold out quickly and the beer selection at the time was good but not great. Great news on the improvement.
  5. I'm busy the night of the big event, but I guess there's a bacon/beer cruise the next day, and an art show a few days later? Have they ever done it that way before?
  6. The guys who run the event are expanding it this year to include multiple events to get more people into the "Bacon and Beer" experience. I'm gonna go to the art show, nothing like beer, bacon and art all in the same space!
  7. JeffT

    JeffT Aspirant (40) Massachusetts Mar 21, 2011

    Anyone have the presale password? I'm sure this will sell out quick as it has in the past.
  8. well, that was a frustratingly fruitless experience.
  9. baconweek is the password, but wont do you any good. I tried buying them RIGHT at 1... and the website was down...

    Then a friend called and said you could get them on Livenation, i tried kept saying now,. then less than 20 mins into the sale they were all sold out!
  10. i have been unsuccessful in my attempts to buy tickets for this (regular, not pre-sale). ugh.

    was curious about the format of this event. is everything is covered once you are in the fest or does bacon/beer cost money on top of the admission ticket? sort of moot seeing as i can't get tickets, but was still wondering...

    worth noting. i attempted to buy tickets AT 1:00. i don't think it could have sold out in seconds, but maybe...
  11. again, sold out instantly. *almost* seems fishy, but it sounded like they also mis-set the ticket limits yesterday, allowing people to buy double (8) the allotment. fairly frustrating, and i'm pretty damn good at TM/LN onsales.
  12. I'm doing the cruise on Sunday. I've never been to any of the events before. I can't believe how fast the tickets sell out!

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