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WI Singers / Cellar Reduction LIF

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by jakethesnake9z9z, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have several bottles in my cellar that I was planning to trade, but I'd rather get rid of them in a different way. On a related note, I don't know who out there has had their wife (or husband, sorry female BA's) very patiently tolerate a cellar collection that takes up far too much space? To play on this, I decided to do a LIF to hopefully raise a little bit of money for my wife's favorite charity group, the UW-Madison Wisconsin Singers. I should mention that, while in my opinion this is a very good cause, I know this is not the same importance as the Sandy Hook/Newtown LIF and similar, and I would recommend that anyone first help out these. This is simply a great group of students that gain valuable experiences performing and do a huge amount of community outreach with their talents, so it would be cool to help them out a little bit.

    The specifics of the LIF:

    Every $10 donated will be one ticket/slip of paper entered into a random drawing. I have 4 boxes that the winner will get to choose from. If there are 20 tickets in total entered, I will draw a 2nd ticket and that winner can choose from the remaining boxes. This will proceed so on until all 4 boxes are sent (if 40+ tickets are entered). I will cut off the participation on the night before the Milwaukee group meets to open up the gang bang BIF haul (in Feb - I'll post the day when it's determined), so the drawing can take place in front of credible BAs to verify a fair LIF drawing. You will need to send me a screenshot email of your donation confirmation ([email protected]) so I know that you donated and what amount (please blur any personal information if it's shown). The WI Singers homepage is here, http://www.wisconsinsingers.com/, and the link to where you can donate is here:

    https://secure.supportuw.org/MultiP...constituency page&utm_campaign=Embedded Links

    Box 1: 125oz
    New Glarus Thumbprint Cherry Stout, Saison, Barley Wine, Enigma, Apple Ale, Winter Warmer
    Central Waters BB Stout '12, Y2K Barleywine '11, Y2K Barleywine '12
    Hinterland BB Doppelbock

    Box 2: 114oz
    New Glarus Thumbprint Cherry Stout, Saison, Barley Wine, Enigma, Apple Ale, Winter Warmer
    New Glarus Serendipity
    New Glarus R&D Golden Ale

    Box 3: 109oz
    Founders Backwoods Bastard '12 x2, Breakfast Stout
    GI BCBS '12 x2
    New Glarus R&D Belgian Red
    Tyranena BGW Dirty Old Man, BGW Devil Made Me Do It

    Box 4: 104oz
    Hopping Frog BORIS + BA BORIS '11
    New Glarus Thumbprint Enigma x2
    New Glarus Thumbprint Apple Ale x2
    GI BCBS '12

    Sorry for the lengthy message - please let me know if you have any questions about this LIF! Thanks,

  2. Also, please make sure the detailed instructions are populated with the Wisconsin Singers code - 12621382. Thanks!
  3. I see that this LIF doesn't have any turnout yet. I don't have any particular expectations, but I thought there'd be a few interested people. I'm not sure if it's the cause, quality of boxes, or lengthy LIF explanation. Either way, if there's no interested people after a few days, I suppose I can shut it down and save myself the embarrassment ;)

    Of course, if only two or three people participate, then they get a great shot at a box of their choosing, which is pretty reasonable for $10!
  4. Thanks willseph and jlflorance for getting this started!
  5. There's now 8 slips that have been entered ($80 has been donated). I'll improve the odds by offering the 2nd box at 10 tickets and so on (so 4th box is offered at 30 or more tickets). I'm hoping to move this beer and have it go towards a good cause. Any boxes that aren't given in this LIF will probably go towards another LIF down the road for anyone's charities at all, but I'm still hoping to raise a little bit more money in this one!

    Thanks for looking and for the interest!
  6. Ok, one final change - I'll be bringing this down a little bit earlier (Friday, January 25th is the last day to donate), and then I'll be drawing winners around some other BAs at the CW Anniversary Party. This way, I can get the winner(s) their beer earlier and get a head start on my cellar re-organization. Let me know if you have any questions - thanks!
  7. willseph

    willseph Initiate (0) Illinois Jan 31, 2011

    Have we made it to 10 donations yet?
  8. We're at 9 right now...one more and 2 boxes get drawn. Hoping another one comes in sometime today through Friday! :)
  9. We hit $100 donated, so 2 winners are going to be drawn tomorrow! Please note that this means there's pretty good chances for anyone who wants to still donate. Any donations / emails received before midnight tonight (CST) will be included in tomorrow's drawing at the CW Anniversary Party.

    So far I have the following BA's donations:


    Please let me know if I'm missing you, and let me know if you have any last-minute questions. Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone for donating! For everyone that donated , let me know when I post something you're interested in and I'll hook you up in any trade.

    For the raffle....

    The first winner was willseph!
    Second winner was drlafollette!

    Willseph - let me know what box you want !
  11. DrLaFollette

    DrLaFollette Aficionado (205) Utah Oct 19, 2012

    Thanks Jason! I am glad you were able to raise some money for this cause!
  12. willseph

    willseph Initiate (0) Illinois Jan 31, 2011

    Woot! Thanks for putting this together! I'd like box #3. I'll BM my details.
  13. Awesome, you're welcome!

    DrLaFollette - would you like box 1, 2, or 4?
  14. DrLaFollette

    DrLaFollette Aficionado (205) Utah Oct 19, 2012

    I would like Box #2. Please and thank you!

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