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Great Britain Wild Beer Co.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ImperialStoat, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (355) Ireland May 20, 2009

    Anyone here have experience with the beers brewed by these chaps?
  2. Had the Epic Saison. Not great compared to the saisons I've had (Dupont stuff, other micro/craft attempts - Pretty Things, Poppyland). Also a massive load of sediment. Too much for my liking.

    Got the apricot saison, scarlet feaver and wildebeest but haven't drunk it yet.
  3. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (355) Ireland May 20, 2009

    This is what I feared, seemed too good to be true. Thanks for letting me know. Also, post about it when you drink the apricot saison.
  4. Worth a try though if you can get it at less than beer merchants price. Also the CAMRGB bloke says their Ninkasi is "almost perfect" http://www.camrgb.org/2013/01/the-wild-beer-co-ninkasi-9/

    Plus they strike me as the kind of brewery with variations in quality in all the bottles.
  5. Had a bottle of Wildebeest last night, was exceptionally good. Preferred it to the saisons I've had on keg.
  6. Preferred Wildebeest to the Wild beer co. saisons or preferred it to other saisons?
  7. To their own saisons. Though their own saisons were meh.