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will black note come to PA?

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by rhong187, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Anyone know if this will be coming to philly?
  2. Has been here already quite a few times on draft over the past few months. London Grill, Side Car, etc. Not sure about bottles but I assume it made the rounds at Foodery, Hawthornes, etc.
  3. Really? I thought the first batch (750ml) was brewery release only? I didnt think the 4pks were released yet
  4. Axic10

    Axic10 Savant (435) New Jersey Mar 15, 2008

    So far bottles have been brewery only. Philly has gotten this on tap quite a bit over the last year (especially during PBW).

    Assuming it comes to the area in bottles, Shangy's would be who it'd be coming in through which would result in many headaches.
  5. Yup. If they somehow do land it I will be makig my first trip ever.
  6. Axic10

    Axic10 Savant (435) New Jersey Mar 15, 2008

    It'll probably be sitting there with the "last case of Hopslam".
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  7. Our local Bell's rep said "I can't stress how little of an amount is making it to each state."
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  8. Yeah seriously, some states are getting as little as 7 cases apparently?
  9. Well, shangy's is getting 8 cases, and they'll be distributing them to their "top accounts".. what are the chances that these places will actually sell them by the 4pk as opposed to singles?
  10. Word from Shangy's was that only bars/bottle shops were getting it. Foodery got a case to split between their two stores, but I've checked with pretty much every other bottle shop in town and nobody has it. I guess the rest went to bars as none of the distributors got any.
  11. xnicknj

    xnicknj Advocate (730) Pennsylvania May 25, 2009

    honestly, i'd prefer this. sending them out to a bunch of bars/restaurants gives more people a chance to randomly stumble onto it instead of a hysterical dash to foodery/hawthornes/wherever with it being sold out in 45 minutes.
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  12. Should be distributed like a golden ticket from Willy Wonka.
  13. Gotta give Shangy's props for not keeping any of these case's! Distrubiting them to stores that could sell them individually so more people get to try it, despite the fact that Shangy's retail sells way more Bells then the other outlets.
  14. so i guess you just have to luck into them and they'll be sold as singles?
  15. Yep, Foodery was limiting to one each of Bnote and Hopslam. I didn't bother checking the Northeast, so it's possible that Craft Beer Outlet got some Bnote. I guess the only thing left to do at this point is keep tabs on your local watering hole to see if it shows up there.
  16. NimaShangy

    NimaShangy Zealot (90) Pennsylvania Jan 26, 2013

    The following top Bell's accounts have or will receive a very limited amount of Bell's Black Note Stout:
    Quotations Pub
    Pub on Passyunk East
    Sabatini's Pizza
    Union Jacks Boyertown
    Abe's Deli

    We will not be selling any Bell's Black Note at our retail location (Shangy's).
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  17. Going to see if Mike @ Quotations will save me some haha.
  18. megamass

    megamass Savant (360) New Jersey Oct 30, 2008

    how is it even possible that the foodery is the top 8 account for selling bell's the place in a hole in the wall.
  19. you've never even been to quotes before until i let you know about what they had the other day. eat a dick.
    i mean that in jest. seriously. HI!
  20. Just because I've never been IN Quotes doesn't mean I don't know people missy! Hello!
  21. *sigh* i'm sure that's the case. because mike really hangs around in the beer scene a lot for that to happen.
  22. You have mail. Explained.
  23. in summary, you don't actually know mike personally. i got it.
    ya know... just name dropping and all.
  24. Thought I explained myself to you but if you want act that way fine.
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  25. Judging a beer store by size? Interesting criteria.
  26. megamass

    megamass Savant (360) New Jersey Oct 30, 2008

    what I meant is its so small I can't imagine them selling a lot of bell's beers. when other place sell by the case and on draft
  27. It's already been said that distributors are not getting black note due to lack of quantity. Case selling does not qualify then.
  28. megamass

    megamass Savant (360) New Jersey Oct 30, 2008

    Oh ok so they just pick favorite stores than I guess. I thought mostly bars were going to get. Whatever doesn't matter thanks for clear that up for me
  29. not enough passive aggressiveness. MOAR. NEED MOAR.
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  30. From Abe's email today: " Beer Club exclusive ! Very limited amount ! One bottle per customer! Being released Wednesday Feb. 6th at 5pm . Bell's Black Note Stout."
  31. Which I loved since I was driving past the exit on 22 to go to Abe's when I got the email and swerved onto it only to read the email shortly after and realize I was beat. Good thing they already have it but I'll be at work Wednesday at 5... The woman who works there said they only got a case btw. I figured I'd go anyway and tell my sob story lol. Failed.
  32. chcfan

    chcfan Advocate (595) California Oct 29, 2008

    There are now three Foodery locations. The NoLibs one is much larger than 10th and Pine and the new Roxborough is about the same size as the NoLibs one, if not bigger.
  33. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Savant (310) Pennsylvania Nov 5, 2012

    Well I called Sabatini's Pizza since they're local to me.

    They got two cases in, and are doing a lottery to win the chance to buy a bottle....

    The price? A mind-boggling $25 each 12oz bottle....

    No thanks
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  34. FUCK THAT!
  35. ew. the sad thing is, people will buy tickets... and if people buy it, then that means the price is justified *sigh*
    unless the money is going towards charity or something, like Monks does with their raffles. Something is telling me otherwise, though.

    *edit: wait, before the pitchforks come out... are you POSITIVE it's $25 for one bottle? and not a 4-pack?
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  36. Nice catch! $25 a 4-pack sounds about right.
  37. I heard it would be about $24 per bottle.
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  38. That's for the info. I will NOT be searching this one out.
  39. Paging NimaShangy's....

    or the Bell's rep ...
  40. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Savant (310) Pennsylvania Nov 5, 2012

    When he told me $25 on the phone, I said "for a 4-pack, right?" And he said no that's for a single bottle.......

    If it was $25 for a 4-pack, I would have already been on their list!
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