Wilmington NC & Area - Where to go?

Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by Mantooth, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Mantooth

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    I live in the Charlotte, NC area - headed out to Wilmington for a long weekend. I've been before, found some good spots to eat but don't recall anything blowing me away in the beer department. Any suggestions? Hit me with food advice too - I know there's a lot to pick from.

    We're likely going to head up to Beaufort, NC for a night too, so I'm looking for advice there and all points between.

    Thanks in advance folks - looking forward to trying out what you recommend.
  2. pimpinmidget

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    I'd say hit up Cape Fear Wine & Beer for sure and front street brewery, and pilot house. All are near/on the water and near great places to eat.
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    There are several places downtown on the waterfront that are worth a visit. Front Street Brewery has a great atmosphere but the beer is very subpar, atleast on my last visit in Oct it was. The Pilot House is nice as is Roys Riverboat landing. Definitely check out Cape Fear Wine and Beer and if you are on Wrightsville Beach, go to the Lighthouse beer shop. I will be in Wilmington in about two weeks and I am looking forward to it very much.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions for Cape Fear Wine & Beer, everybody. We've got some great seasonals & limiteds in bottles and on tap now-- Green Flash Palate Wrecker, Saison du Buff, Mikkeller I Beat yoU & 19 Hops, and tonnes more-- and we still have stuff like Maharaja and Breakfast Stout.

    For Beaufort, Check out Hannah's House & Backstreet Pub. Cru Wine Bar is rad, too.
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  5. kwakwhore

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    Queen Anne's Revenge is worth a visit in Beaufort too.
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  6. Mantooth

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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions...

    Cape Fear Wine & Beer was a great place to hang out, killer brews & excellent vibe - the place attracts all walks of life too, very eclectic clientele. I couldn't stop drinking Sea Monster long enough to try anything else.

    Lighthouse beer shop was a very nice surprise - didn't expect much and found a few items I'd not seen in larger Charlotte stores. Interesting to run across Seven Devils there... curious how my lone bottle made it out that far?

    A spot we liked a lot, though not for their beer, was Caprice. Their happy hour bar menu is outstanding. The pork cheeks are amazing & they can flat out make a cucumber martini - Hendricks gin & St Germain (elderflower liquor). Tried to duplicate it last night & came close...
  7. Lighthouse Beer & Wine in Wrightsville...I was there 2 weeks ago and picked up some '08 Pannepot Reserva from De Struise!