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  1. I just brewed northern brewer's emma's ale (english brown not sure if north or south) in which I used Danstar Windsor Ale yeast. I am trying to think of other styles to use this yeast with. I had thought of trying to do a 3 gallon enlgish barleywine and pitch directly on the yeast cake, but I wasn't sure of the yeast tolerance. I know this yeast is a medium attentuator and that may not go well with a barleywine. Any other suggestions other than a brown ale?
  2. I have used Danstar Windsor many, many time to brew my Bitter Ale. I really like the fruity esters that this yeast strain produces. As you mentioned this yeast is indeed a medium attenuator (which I think is a plus for Bitter Ales) so I agree that using it for a Barleywine would not be appropriate.

    Below is what Danstar mentions on this yeast’s data sheet:

    “The aroma is estery to both palate and nose, and is usually described as a full-bodied, fruity British ale. Does not display malodours when properly handled. Windsor yeast has found great acceptance in producing strong-tasting bitter beer, stout, weizen and hefe weizen.”

    I have never used Windsor to brew a stout but I think it might make a good non-dry stout (e.g., an Oatmeal Stout, a Milk Stout, etc.).

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    I've used a mix of Windsor and Nottingham (kind of by mistake; it's a long story and not relevant) to make a citra-centennial American IPA. It was very good. I also used it in a blue-ribbon winning brown ale.
  5. Thanks for the help.
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  7. Yea I had thought of that too, but I've been meaning to brew a chocolate stout recipe that I've had for a while.