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  1. Wrong guess. Would you like to try again? : )
  2. Then I'm not sure why you think it has no significant benefit over stirring with a 25'-50' coil of copper tubing.
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    Are you saying that you lift the coils and move them in a circle? I can see how this will cool but I can't really see it make a whirlpool. Even though you are moving in a circle in essence you are pushing the wort towards the center.
  4. I didn't say that...I said you DON'T need a pump for 5 gal batches. Since folks normally whirlpool with pumps, if you don't have one you can achieve similar results by stirring your wort with your immersion chiller manually. I whirlpooled my hops for years when brewing 5 gal batches using the manual method...it works fine...although your arm might get a little tired.

    Am I the only one that used this method before going to pumps? (someone else on this thread earlier talked about the same thing I think)

    Edit: Yinzer "Once thing is a must. The OP must either move the wort around the chiller or move the chiller around in the wort"