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Yahoo Fantasy Football 2012 Imperial League Hauls!

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by marine1975, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Congrats to all the winners! Please post your hauls here as you receive them! Pics are always a plus! I will check off everyone as shipped when the winners post to who shipped and what was received. To all who participated thanks again for a fun season and I hope everyone returns next year!

  2. First 2 boxes have landed. Thanks Shane(marine1975) and Kevin(carolinakevin) for the awesome beers. You both crushed it, just amazing.


    From CarolinaKevin:

    Alpine Nelson
    50/50 Eclipse Brandy
    Natty Greens Imperial Stout
    Alpine Duet


    From Marine1975:

    Lindley Park
    Event Horizon
    Triple C Up All Night breakfast porter

    Thanks again guys for the awesome boxes.
  3. Come on guys follow the rules and post them there hauls right here. Do I need to do any more splanin'?
  4. Box # 3 received from David (GehenHerzog). Another amazing box from the awesome BAs in NC.

  5. Great send David!!!

    Shane you should have gotten two boxes today based on tracking???
  6. So the only ones owed are from urwithdave to injuredreserve and biglobo to hopdiggitydawg!
  7. TeamPutz should have got a box today from Devi0us.
  8. JohnPPutz

    JohnPPutz Aficionado (170) Illinois Jan 23, 2011

    I did receive my box from Devious, and a very nice one at that.

    2011 EC 18-Love this beer.
    Russian River Supplication-Awesome
    Midnight Sun Treat-Had this once and don't really remember, glad I have the chance to drink it again. Thanks for an awesome box man!
  9. Final box received from David(urwithdave) yesterday. Thanks for the beers, cant wait to try Cherry Adam.

  10. Only one box left to be received!
  11. Have all the hauls been received?

    I had fun this year guys and would like to thank marine1975 for a running a great league. Had Cam Newton been a little more consistent I might have had something for you guys, guess I'll have to wait til next year, congrats Shane, drink up!

  12. Waiting on one!
  13. Ward, do I need to show you how to post a pic on here? I'll help you out with the next one :)

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