Yazoo Sue Availability in TN

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  1. So I'm driving from Atlanta to Dale Hollow Lake on Friday afternoon and I'm looking for some Yazoo Sue - I got a bottle in a trade a few months ago and I want some more. However, I don't know much about where and when it's distributed, how much is distributed, and my chances for getting any on the way either by in person trade or on the shelves. I'll be driving through Chattanooga then up Rt. 111 to the lake.

    Any help at all on the topic would be appreciated. If you're interested in an in person trade and you are willing to meet directly on the way (I'm with friends so can't really go out of the way), let me know. Thanks.
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    Riverside Beverage Company/Wine & Spirits in North Chattanooga usually carries this. It would be in the wine & liquor side of the store on the left. Wouldn't hurt to call first to be sure they had some in stock.

    Here's their Beerfly listing: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/9466/view=beerfly
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    Oh, and this will take you about a hundredth of a mile off your route, so very convenient (if you take I-75->I-24->US-27->TN-111). They are literally just off US-27N. Cross Tennessee River, Manufacturer's Rd. exit, turn left & go under the highway and they are right there on the left.
  4. Thanks for the input! I'll check it out.
  5. Sue can only be sold in Liquor stores in TN, thanks to alcohol distribution laws. Don't bother with grocery stores. I would check the places section of this website. Any place worth its salt should carry it.
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    Haven't seen it anywhere in east TN.
  7. I think I used to see it in Knoxville sometimes. It's definitely all over West and Middle TN.
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    I found it in Savannah TN yesterday. Should be easy to find.