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  1. How much lme and how much water for a 2000ml yeast starter? Basic guidlines please thanks!
  2. Agold

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    General rule is 100g/L. Add your DME then add your water to bring it to the volume you want.
  3. Right on. But how much water and how much lme? Its for a 6 gal 12 percent ris
  4. I suggest you go to You need a certain number of cells derived in 1.040 wort. This will solve the problem for you...
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    DME is about 44 ppg, and LME is about 37 ppg so you will need about 120 grams LME for a 1L starter, so 240 grams for a 2L starter. Just add the extract first then fill with water till you have 2L.
  6. But even if he uses a fresh vial for 5 gallons of 1.120 wort (assumption for 12% beer) he needs ~400 billion cells. A 2L starter with intermittent shaking gives ~250 million cells. He's way under pitching and asking a question that indicates he doesn't understand what he's actually doing...
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    Yea. This is another option for figuring out pitching rates:

    Edit: Also that site is awesome.
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    Really? Since the extract adds volume I measure the water first. I'm sure that it's no big deal though.
  9. The 3 things I like best:

    1: Easy step starters
    2: Fully customizable (including how many cells after brew - label your yeast container :)
    3: The starter wort calculator on the lefty hand size.

    Things I don't like:
    1: Won't work on iPhone/iPad

    That is all. :)