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You know you're a beer geek...

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cincysig, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Alextricity

    Alextricity Champion (795) Michigan Jun 18, 2012

    I feel like you would have no reason to live if your house caught on fire.
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  2. When your girlfriend is asleep next to you, but you turn on your laptop and get on here to look up suggestions for your next purchase. (Which is my situation currently)
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  3. kona650

    kona650 Savant (270) California Jun 12, 2011

    I do that all the time!!!!
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  4. When you use paid vacation time off from work to take a road trip to just visit brewery's and specialty stores in multiple states

    When you buy a case of a certain seasonal brew to start a 3 to 5 year vertical down the road!

    When you have every kind of glassware for every style of beer that exists.

    When you start clearing space in your beer fridge for the variety of cheeses that you plan to stock and pair with your favorite beers.

    When a beer store owner asks you if you were looking for a job and eventually suggested that they could use somebody as knowledgeable as you to work at their store after your first visit and conversation with them.
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  5. HoustonZ33

    HoustonZ33 Savant (335) Texas Sep 10, 2012

    When you see anyone look confused in the beer section, You drop everything and make sure they make the right choice......everytime.

    When one of your favorite breweries is giving samples at the grocery store and the conversation leads to stuff that's not out for another 6 mos and, you know as much as they do about it - You score 2 free brewery tour passes.
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  6. MikeWard

    MikeWard Savant (455) Pennsylvania Sep 14, 2011

    By the way, there is a line outside your house, 50 people looking to move in. I'm #17.
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  7. MikeWard

    MikeWard Savant (455) Pennsylvania Sep 14, 2011

    This is part of the reason my daughter went to Susquehanna U in Selinsgrove, PA (Selin's Grove brewpub :)
  8. MikeWard

    MikeWard Savant (455) Pennsylvania Sep 14, 2011

    When your wife says "are you on that Beer Advocate site again? You were on it yesterday", and she doesn't realize you were on it that morning, over lunchtime, and a hour before.

    When you exchange monthly beer lists with your mates in England, and everyone is happy about it.

    When you obsessively compile lists of the beers you want to pick up at your local bottle shop, that are a) available in your state b) styles you like c) available in 12oz bottles for the 20% discount on mix and match d) have an above average rating from BA e) seperate lists for each season, then take said lists to botle shop and walk out with a dozen bombers not on the list because they're too good to pass up.

    By the way, great thread, more laughs than any other thread I've seen
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  9. when you plan vacations around breweries/brewpubs..including a trip to Germany
  10. leezy

    leezy Aficionado (205) Minnesota Sep 13, 2009

    No kidding, I kinda want the file/formula too, although not many stores around me post their beer list online except the random FB and Twitter posts about Surly/Lift Bridge new releases
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  11. youve had everything at a bar, and they 90% sell rotating drafts. Every time you walk in.
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  12. Envelopes

    Envelopes Initiate (0) Ohio Aug 26, 2012

    You use proper glassware for your morning shower beer.
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  13. darky

    darky Savant (260) South Dakota Apr 16, 2010

    When you have to bite your tongue while overhearing the uneducated sales staff at my local grocery's beer department fumbling to answer a customer's questions about different beer varieties for fear of A: sounding like an impolite know-it-all, and B: insulting the well-meaning sales person.
  14. darky

    darky Savant (260) South Dakota Apr 16, 2010

    When you seriously reconsider drinking more than one or two varieties of beer in one evening because you don't want to have to clean the 3 or more appropriate glasses the beers will require.

  15. When the UPS truck get stuck in the snow by a raging snow storm just to deliver you a trade box... and you help dig the UPS truck out of the snow!(this just happened today in rural Illinios) I felt bad for the UPS guy, but it was kind of funny!

    Also, when you know your Fed Ex and UPS delivery guys on a first name basis!
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  16. When you make your significant other FaceTime you through an entire beer store because you can't be there and her butchery of Belgian beer names just isn't cutting it.
  17. When you check BA more than you do Facebook.

    When you go to the beer store with your wife and she opts to go sit in the car after 15 minutes of you browsing (witch is good because you don't want her to know how much you're spending)

    When your wife is happy for you to pay for expensive
    Beer , just to speed up the process .
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  18. When you start transitioning beer terms to your everyday life as inferences or references to things completely unrelated to beer ;)!
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  19. bostonlogga

    bostonlogga Zealot (85) Washington Jan 13, 2013

    When you're at the bottle shop buying a beer for the cellar and you check the bottle neck for any short pours and you pull from a couple back because its probly had the least exposure to light :/
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  20. when you go to your favorite liquor store and the staff are mad you didnt bring your almost 2 year old because youre a regular and hes the cutest
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  21. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

  22. tweezer159

    tweezer159 Savant (290) Alabama May 2, 2008

    Pull from the back-I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
  23. jds8411

    jds8411 Savant (475) California Oct 12, 2008

    When you haven't done any of these things and you enjoy what you enjoy and don't care what other people like. To each his own.
  24. Andygirl

    Andygirl Savant (280) Michigan Jan 3, 2013

    When your main fridge dies and you toss the food rather than take all those IPAs out of the beer fridge.
  25. Bang34

    Bang34 Savant (300) California Feb 6, 2003

    When you are sitting at the bar and another patron asks the bartender what beer they should try. The the bartender turns to you to tell them the answer.
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  26. Will you adopt me? Or at least put me in your will?
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  27. By liking that last statement is that a yes?
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  28. MarshMan71

    MarshMan71 Advocate (725) Illinois Jul 17, 2012

    Or use them to Boil Brats in .... Yes This has happened twice.
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  29. NWer

    NWer Advocate (660) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    When the first letter you type in the URL field auto-fills to a beer related website no matter what letter you type in
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  30. Judgie

    Judgie Savant (430) Indiana Nov 21, 2012

    After moving the clock forward one hour, you are not pissed at losing 1 hour of sleep but losing 1 hour of beer tasting time.
  31. Siggy125

    Siggy125 Advocate (515) California Nov 10, 2006

    Yeah. Come on down. I need help depleting inventory to make room for more stuff!
  32. Wohoo a California dad!
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  33. GennyCreamAle

    GennyCreamAle Initiate (0) New York Feb 25, 2009

    When you're guiding others on the functionality of this website.
  34. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (395) California Feb 25, 2012

    When your kids listen to the Arctic Monkees and you call them the Arctic Devils by accident...more than once.
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  35. When you camp out overnight at a limited release and wake up in a strangers tent...
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  36. Catracho5

    Catracho5 Advocate (695) California Aug 10, 2013

    First time I considered myself a beer geek is when someone offered me a beer in the bottle, I looked at it and thought, "I can't drink this straight from the bottle." It was a humbling experience, I don't always need a glass to drink my beer.
  37. When you're on this website about three times a day
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  38. No, all day.
  39. When you ask your best bud "hey, what should I get us today?" and his response is "Up to you. I trust your judgement"
  40. ChuckHardslab

    ChuckHardslab Savant (405) Texas Jan 25, 2012

    I can't claim that, but on the 3 computers I use regularly typing a single 'b' in the URL bar brings up this site.