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Your New Year's (Beer's) resolutions for 2013

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by keithmurray, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. teamwiggum

    teamwiggum Member

    Trying some of the heavyweights of the IPA/DIPA division that aren't readily available in the Great Lakes area (Pliny, Heady, Alpine beers, etc).
  2. thecheapies

    thecheapies Member

    To locate at least one bottle of BCBS... and drink it.
  3. wittyname

    wittyname Member

    New Jersey
    Trade for a bottle of Figgy Pudding
    Spend less
    Meet more BA folks
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  4. wittyname

    wittyname Member

    New Jersey

    Also want to add --- Send thecheapies a bottle of BCBS as one of my 26 random acts of kindness (thecheapies, please send me your address in a BM)
  5. Celtics76

    Celtics76 Member

    Rhode Island
    I like the idea of a dry January. I did the same thing last year and lost a dozen pounds. It also helps to "reignite the passion".

    I also plan on spending way less - buying more 4/6 packs and less special releases that are pricey.
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  6. stevegoz

    stevegoz Member

    I was thinking of taking a week off...a month might be even better! But what to do with all of these leftover Octoberfests? Ah, they'll keep, and it's still chilly in February.

    And cheers to fewer special-releases, especially bombers -- beer was my second-largest spend area last year after the mortgage (full disclosure: my car is paid off), and I learned a lot about lots of special releases, including which ones aren't all that special and don't need to be bought again!
  7. thecheapies

    thecheapies Member

    Outstanding BA, right here! Thanks for the 'solid'! And, a 'solid' will be coming your way, as well!
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  8. winbassett

    winbassett Member

    North Carolina
    To drink more mindfully, which will result in drinking fewer beers but having better beer experiences.
  9. EdTheEdge

    EdTheEdge Member

    More Stouts and fewer IPAs.
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  10. moonman14

    moonman14 Member

    I would like to attend a bottle release or at least visit breweries I've loved over the last couple years (Founders, FFF).
  11. Auracom

    Auracom Member

    Doing a dry January myself. Time to fulfill some resolutions.
  12. mecummins

    mecummins Member

    I'm relatively new to the whole beer scene, so I really just want to continue to educate myself. Over the last 2 years my pallet has really improved and I'd like to expand it even more. I want to hit up as many local tastings as I'm able, not only to try new beers, but to get a chance to talk to the brewers and learn something. I want to continue to work on my beer blog. I also started home brewing in 2012 and want to set a goal of brewing at least 2 new beers in 2013.
  13. HipsterBrewfus

    HipsterBrewfus Member

    1) Build a better collection
    2) Visit more local breweries (I just moved to Baltimore 4 months ago)
    3) Work hard on my beer blog
    4) Maybe not spend as much $$ on beer (kind of contradicts #1).
    5) Drink a little less, lose a little more poundage
    6) Get good at homebrewing and maybe try a far out recipe
  14. jjchristiano

    jjchristiano Member

    New Jersey
    I was just reading one of those New Year Diet tip articles and this was #14 of their suggestions for losing weight in the new year. The Craft movement appears to even be influencing the diet junkies.
    14 of 100
    Instead of Ultralight, Reach for Local Craft
    Savor and sip the superiority of one local, full-flavored high-gravity craft beer. It’ll quench and satisfy far greater than 2 ultralight pints.​

    A good craft can have more than 250 calories per bottle while some of the real watered down lights are as low as 64 calories. Does anyone really watch the calorie content of their Craft Beer? Is there a Craft that is full flavored and low(er) in calories?
  15. mecummins

    mecummins Member

    I think most craft beers are higher in calories. But since they taste better, you can enjoy one or two and feel like you are getting your taste buds worth. When you drink those lite, lower calorie beers, you might as well save those 64 calories and have a glass of water instead.
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  16. thesarahbennett

    thesarahbennett Member

    My new beer's resolution is to keep supporting local craft and pitch more beer stories to national magazines and bigger publications. Been a beer journalist for almost two years now consistently writing for BA Mag, LA Weekly and OC Weekly; feels like the right time to amp up my game even more. I also need to remember to update my personal beer blog with all my travel photos--still haven't posted about Europe...ughhh

    Anyway, nice to see that a lot of people are vowing to actually drink the beer they've been accumulating the last few years. Standing in line for every release when you haven't even tried last year's just seems arrogant.
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  17. audioserf

    audioserf Member

    I want to try more sours. I've only had tastes of three or four, always at festivals, and have never sat down with a bottle and really enjoyed one.

    Other than that, I'm going to build mix-six packs more often and branch out in lieu of sticking with safe stuff I know I like.
  18. nanobrew

    nanobrew Member

    collect less and share more. I find myself "hoarding" beer because I don't like drinking special beers by myself, so i need to start getting out to more bottle shares.

    Also, I am switching over my brewing style. Last year I was focused on brewing session beers (mainly session IPAs), a few higher ABV and few sours. Now I want to do mainly sours. Since they take so long I want a few more carboys and just rotate through them. Maybe keep a single carboy bug free for session ales.
  19. Zhiguli

    Zhiguli Member

    drink what you like more than what others like.
  20. Dlogreen

    Dlogreen Member

    I like this idea... I live near a local brewery, and several people have experienced the exact same thing.
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  21. MarkLaFay

    MarkLaFay Member

    Cellar less, drink more.
  22. nogophers

    nogophers Member

    Drink more malty beers to balance out my infatuation with hops.
  23. DeerParkPub

    DeerParkPub Member

    Definitely to stock the shelves with more craft beers to do our part in supporting the local breweries. Over 100 NEW craft beers rotating through Deer Park in 2013 would be ideal
  24. cmannes

    cmannes Member

    GABF, Homebrew, Better "Cellar" organization.
  25. BillieWest

    BillieWest Member

    Yeah, we're working on getting past framboise-only territory.
  26. tendermorsel

    tendermorsel Member

    Drink and try more Italian beers. There is some good shit being brewer over there and I have been missing it.
  27. LambicPentameter

    LambicPentameter Member

    Maybe a sampling of Frambozen would help. Sure, it tastes like raspberry, but it's got a darker brown hue that could help bridge the transition to less fruity beers.
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  28. Moose90

    Moose90 Member

    Review a majority of the beers I drink, instead of just a couple.
  29. Longstaff

    Longstaff Member

    Buy even less bombers, 750's, and other poor value craftbeer than I did this year. Its going to be a real challange since I bought so little in 2012. Revisit more old favorites and try more new craftbeers that offer good value.

    Oh, and finally visit Montreal and drink beers there.
  30. dbfp210

    dbfp210 Member

    Find a few friends who like craft beer as much as me
    Improve my palate
    Trade a couple times
    Drink at more brewpubs
    Not buy as many limited releases
  31. dsal89

    dsal89 Member

    I forgot what i posted earlier in the thread but id like to make my beer blog better. Do cooler reviews in 2013 (trying some verticals in the years to come)
  32. fickenmeimirish

    fickenmeimirish Member

    Try 100 new beers, attend more beer festivals/brewery releases, start my first BIF and LIF
  33. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 Member

    To find what new beers I can in the beer wasteland I live in , and for every beer I drink in a week is one mile I have to add to my weekly run total the next week ,so as I normally run 21 miles a week , if I drink 8 beers the week before , now Im running 29 , not really a punishment because I love to run and I love beer , but it kind of helps me with the numbers
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    1280 x 1024
  35. msween21

    msween21 Member

    Start home brewing

    Drink more good beer. Less Bud.

    Visit the Yardhouse as much as possible when it open in my neighborhood.
  36. Kristenagrady

    Kristenagrady Member

    I'm new to beer so . . .

    1. Try beers from all the different styles
    2. Become more knowleadgable through tasting and reading
    3. Build a decent collection
    4. Find beer friends who I can nerd out with
    5. Research and invest in homebrewing

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