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Your top 5 packaged beers in Quebec

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Seany, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Just for fun. In no particular order.

    Hopfenstark Station 55
    Pit Caribou American Brown Ale
    DDC Peche Mortel
    3M Gose
    Pit Caribou American IPA

    Whats yours?
  2. Le Trou Du Diable, Dulcis succubus
    Hopfenstark, Boson de Higgs
    Hopfenstark, Saison Station 55
    Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise), Noire à l’avoine
    Brasserie Dieu du Ciel, Péché Mortel
  3. In no particular order:

    DDC Péché Mortel
    Castor Yakima IPA
    3M Gose
    Charlevoix Lupulus
    TDD Bretteuse
  4. I had a Yakima last week and was disappoionted as it seemed to be full of diacetyl. I think I am quite sensative to this. I know they made 3 experimental batches with 3 different yeasts, and have settled on 1 for future batches. Hopefully not the one used in the batch I tried. Looking forward to trying the next batch!!
  5. Well mine was pretty good, I think it was the batch with the english yeast. I have a bottle in the firdge hoping it will be as good!
  6. *fridge
  7. Dunham Leo's Early Breakfast IPA
    DDC Solstice d'Ete
    Benelux Catapulte IPA
    Dunham Imperial Black IPA
    Dunham Triple XXX
  8. Peche
    Dunham Leo's
    Vache Folle Milk Stout

    ...are all the ones I'll buy somewhat regularly assuming availability.
  9. Just 5?? :p

    Dunham Leo's Breakfast
    Dunham Black IPA
    3m Gose
    DDC Herbe a Detourne
    DDC Solstice d'ete (if i can get some!)
    Honorable mention: Hopfenstark Boson de Higgs

    Due to the price point, these are not everyday purchases but would be if priced a little lower (i know they come from far but still...)

    Pit Caribou American Brown Ale
    Pit Caribou American IPA
    Naufrageur St-Barnabe
  10. Mine would be:

    Charlevoix lupulus
    Vache de folle Milk Stout
    Pit Caribou American IPA
    Pit Caribou American Brown (though it is a bit hippy for a brown)
    And I'm gonna go old school... Fin du Monde.
  11. For me it's:

    Dunham Leo Breakfast IPA
    Charlevoix Lupulus
    DDC Herbe à Détourne
    TDD Saison du Tracteur
    DDC Chaman
  12. Dunham's 2nd anniversary Saison réserve
    Dunham's pils
    TDD Dulcis succubus
    Castor Yakima IPA
    TDD Bretteuse
  13. Other than the Pils, that's a who's who of rarities :D

  14. When did Le Castor Yakima IPA become rare? I see it available all over Gatineau.
  15. Being on the south shore, i guess they get less than Montreal because it was sold out at a few places. I heard there's more coming in though so i'll stock up :)
  16. I have to revive this after having another (or 2) of the Yakima. Excellent IPA. Might bump 1 from my top 5 but who's really counting...I am happy they settled on the recipe they did, because I believe this might be the best packaged IPA in Quebec. Too bad I find all these bombers in Quebec to be a little overpriced.