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Zero Gravity High Gravity Beer

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by GabeQ, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. GabeQ

    GabeQ Aficionado (160) Tennessee Feb 13, 2013

    Any chemists/ physicists out there consider the possibility of brewing in a zero-gravity environment? What if anything could this change? Probably a cloudier beer if unfiltered. Just a daydream as I avoid a research paper.
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  2. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,060) New York Mar 12, 2009 Verified

    Yeast In Space, now there is a project that deserves some taxpayer money.
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  3. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Advocate (585) Vermont Mar 10, 2006

    Belgian brewers sent some yeast into space with the shuttle during the early 1990's to see how they behaved, as described in Papazian's "Homebrewers Companion".
  4. rmalinowski4

    rmalinowski4 Savant (385) Illinois Oct 22, 2010 Verified

    Far out, that would be out of this world.
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  5. GreenKrusty101

    GreenKrusty101 Savant (485) Nevada Dec 4, 2008 Verified

    I see the gravity of the situation...get back to work :p
  6. ericj551

    ericj551 Advocate (590) Alberta (Canada) Apr 29, 2004 Subscriber

    The first thing that comes to mind is that as the yeast produces CO2, the CO2 wouldn't be buoyant and float out the top, it would just become a bigger and bigger foamy mess.
  7. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Advocate (615) Colorado Jan 20, 2012

    Too bad NASA ain't doin' squat these days.
  8. inchrisin

    inchrisin Savant (470) Indiana Sep 25, 2008

    I have a new take on the term hop rocket now.

    What's boiling temp in space? It's got to be under 100F. Maybe not in s pressurized space shuttle, but--the boil is going to be quite messy anyway.
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  9. AlCaponeJunior

    AlCaponeJunior Champion (810) Texas May 21, 2010

    They'll need someone who is bold, young, adventurous, and of course, good looking, who knows how to brew, and is willing to be blasted into space with their homebrew kit, some water, yeast, hops, and some grains. We'll have to adapt my kit a little for the no-gravity thing, and I'll need a TV and some beer and wings for the waiting periods... :D
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  10. At this point due to the current NASA budget you'll probably have to get Redbull to fund this idea.