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Zombie Dust. How far?

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by whodeyvols, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. whodeyvols

    whodeyvols Aficionado (165) Ohio Sep 2, 2012

    Does anyone know how far Zombie Dust is distributed from the FFF brewery? I live in Cincinnati and have seen every other FFF 6 pack in south Indiana but I have never seen ZD. Does it even have a chance of getting this far?
  2. Nicolay3535

    Nicolay3535 Savant (290) Florida May 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    From what i know its a brewpub only beer so it does not get distributed.
  3. Lare453

    Lare453 Champion (975) Florida Feb 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    It's def not brew pub only.
  4. JuniperJesus

    JuniperJesus Savant (450) Illinois Feb 26, 2011

    Zombie Dust trucks usually get hijacked by paramilitary units near a town called Woodbury, right before you get to the Ohio border.
  5. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    I believe it was brewpub only at first, but now they distribute to a few places. I recall hearing of a place in Chicago that was getting some. I've never seen it in a store in NWI, so I have no idea what their distribution footprint looks like for that particular, but it seems like it's like just brewpub and a few select satellite locations. Maybe that will change in the future? We can only hope.
  6. ABisonEgo

    ABisonEgo Savant (300) Illinois Jan 31, 2012

    Ive only seen zd in indiana and chicago. Milwaukee does get like every other three floyds offering except zd. There is, however, one exception: on rare occasion, sometimes a dozen or so barrels make their way into the state of wi.
  7. JimDH

    JimDH Aficionado (235) Kentucky Feb 7, 2011

    You won't find bottles of ZD anywhere between you and Munster. Even at the Chicago stores one needs luck to arrive at the right time.

    However kegs of ZD are shipped to Cincinnati. Pay attention on social media to what your local beer bars are pouring. Dutch's tapped a keg of Zombie Dust week before last.

    (This should have been posted in the Great Lakes regional forum, by the way. People who know specific information are more likely to see it there.)
  8. Molly Malones in Covington had a keg last week. Lasted 5 hours...
  9. Unsung

    Unsung Aficionado (150) Illinois Mar 6, 2011

    Do you want a bottle?
  10. whodeyvols

    whodeyvols Aficionado (165) Ohio Sep 2, 2012

    Thanks guys. I was lucky enough to find it on tap three times over the last three months in the Cincy area. Shortly before that i thought i may never get the chance to try it. While it is awesome to see it around here more frequently it has really ramped up my appetite for this incredible beer. May have to end up making a trip one day. Any idea how long ZD stays fresh?
  11. antlerwrestler19

    antlerwrestler19 Savant (430) Nebraska Nov 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    I got a 6pk sent to me two weeks ago tomorrow. I had one of my last two bottles last night and I can easily tell the difference from when it was fresh - no exaggeration. It is still an excellent beer, but I will be consuming my other bottle today. Makes me wonder, what do people do with two whole cases of this beer? Hopefully they are hastily trading it to people who can't get it. I wouldn't want that much of it sitting in my fridge getting less awesome over a given amount of time.
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  12. jrman1386

    jrman1386 Savant (290) Illinois Oct 22, 2011 Beer Trader

    Sals beverage world in Elmhurst gets a consistent supply of ZD, and rarely sell out instantly. They are one of those few satellite stores that receive it.
  13. bozodogbreath

    bozodogbreath Advocate (590) Indiana Oct 19, 2006 Beer Trader

    There is going to be a bunch of ZD on the shelves in NWI real soon. Could be as early as this week.
  14. What's your source for this info? For so long it has been only available at the brewery or Chicago-area stores in bottles and the brewery could barely keep up enough production to satisfy that limited retail distribution, so I'd be surprised to see it having greater distribution now. But I hope you're right.
  15. bozodogbreath

    bozodogbreath Advocate (590) Indiana Oct 19, 2006 Beer Trader

    I don't know how much it will take to satisfy demand in Norhtwest IN, but my source has been pretty reliable. It may not reach farther, but the areas it does reach should see more.
  16. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Champion (750) Jul 19, 2009

    At the moment of this posting ZD is Brewery only in Indiana and distributed to Chicago. I have mentally trying to get it distro'd to Indianapolis for quite some time now to no avail. I have HEARD of places in NWI selling ZD but afaik that has all been on the sly.
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  17. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (370) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    Hell, I once signed up for this one liquor store 40 or so minutes away from me's mailing list, and a few weeks ago the "New Arrivals" email sent out included ZD, ha.
  18. jrnyc

    jrnyc Champion (870) New York Mar 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    Awesome beer, but this one definitely falls off quickly, fresh is best, the difference in taste is noticeable.
  19. Sam_E

    Sam_E Aficionado (185) Ohio Oct 11, 2012

    I live in NW Ohio and there have been ZD keg sightings in downtown Toledo
  20. whodeyvols

    whodeyvols Aficionado (165) Ohio Sep 2, 2012

    As far as I know Ohio does not get ANY 6 packs from Three Floyds. Im sure we would all love to see this change some day. For now at lest we do get some kegs.
  21. Sam_E

    Sam_E Aficionado (185) Ohio Oct 11, 2012

    Yea I've never seen any 6 packs. Only heard once of that ZD keg and I've bought a couple bombers of Gumballhead.
  22. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Savant (400) Colorado Jan 13, 2012

    ZD 6ers at the brewpub and some Chicago/Suburban stores get em bottom line . As far as freshness goes, drink it within a week cuz it's flat and sux after that. ;)
  23. Jplachy

    Jplachy Savant (320) Illinois Feb 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Am I too late to write something sarcastic and unhelpful!?!
  24. Is there any shop owners in cincy with some sick rockabilly tattoos? If so...yes!!
  25. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Savant (400) Colorado Jan 13, 2012

    Why r u asking? Just do it.
  26. Jplachy

    Jplachy Savant (320) Illinois Feb 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Uhhhh....uhhhhh.....ALL THE ZOMBIE DUST BURNED DOWN!
  27. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,270) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Beer Trader

    I don't believe you....
  28. bozodogbreath

    bozodogbreath Advocate (590) Indiana Oct 19, 2006 Beer Trader

    600 cases.
  29. StoutIrish

    StoutIrish Savant (385) Indiana Jan 16, 2012

    Some buddies of mine in the liquor biz told me ZD is going to start to be distributed in IN this coming year.
  30. Bad_Trader

    Bad_Trader Initiate (0) Namibia Nov 8, 2012

    @Bobbylikesbeer confirms it....

    ZOMBIE DUST 6-PACKS to be distributed to Ohio by the end of this month.
  31. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,270) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Beer Trader

    I saw that. So you're tell me that Ohio doesn't get any other six packs but you're going to get Zombie Dust? Right....

    I've heard the Zombie Dust rumor too many times.
  32. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Champion (750) Jul 19, 2009

    This is all a ploy to keep ZD out of Indianapolis. Spite me, they have.
  33. whodeyvols

    whodeyvols Aficionado (165) Ohio Sep 2, 2012

    I find this hard to believe. Especially since we don't get any other 6 packs. But with the recent increas in kegs around here (Cincy) maybe something is around the corner.
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  34. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,065) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012 Beer Trader

    Is it a freshness issue?
  35. Westuh

    Westuh Savant (380) Wisconsin Oct 9, 2012

    2 ZD kegs made it to Milwaukee this past week (whole foods/Yield Bar). Have not heard of cases making it to the distributor of SE WI
  36. jampics2

    jampics2 Champion (850) Ohio Dec 19, 2008 Beer Trader

    Straight from the distributor's mouth (as in the guy). Wouldn't have believed it either but it is 100% legit!
  37. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,270) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Beer Trader

    I can confirm that Indy is getting a round of bottles this weekend. Don't know why it took official word to travel so long to Indy but it IS coming.
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  38. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Champion (750) Jul 19, 2009

    All my mental energy has won! And it literally is going to happen on the last day ever for our planet! How fitting. ;)

    Awesome news though.
  39. myersk27

    myersk27 Advocate (555) Indiana Oct 21, 2011 Beer Trader

    damn, and i'm out of town....hold me some?
  40. denimdemon

    denimdemon Savant (465) Indiana Mar 8, 2009 Beer Trader

    One of Muncie's L-stores tweeted that they got 2 cases today, limit of 3 bottles/customer. So the apocalypse actually DID happen I guess? So while I guess Zombie Dust is making it out of Munster and Chicago, it sounds like it will still be extremely limited...
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