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Zymurgy Magazine 1989, "Yeast and Beer"

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by jimsmasonry, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

    Zymurgy Magazine 1989, volume12, number 4, special "Yeast and Beer" issue

    Thank you all. I got a copy of the one I requested yesterday. Now I am looking for another which is referenced repeatedly. Does anyone here have a copy of the article by the above title that would be willing to part with it? It is referenced in two Charlie Papazian books I have & other places as well & would like to give it a read.

    Thanks again,

  2. suprchunk

    suprchunk Member

    Something along the lines of this back issue available for sale from the source?

  3. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

    Thanks Suprechunk

    That's the one. But I'm looking to see if anyone has one that they don't mind getting rid of.
  4. suprchunk

    suprchunk Member

    No problem. And good luck, I know I don't get rid of any of mine.
  5. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

  6. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

  7. VikeMan

    VikeMan Member

    Anyone who has this issue is probably a collector, so it's unlikley someone is going to just give it up. If I wanted this, I would bite the bullet and pay the 9 bucks. But really, 23 year old yeast information is going to be pretty dated IMO.
    mschofield likes this.
  8. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

    Thanks for your opinion VikMan
  9. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Member

    His opinion matches mine. My collection goes back to 94, not going to let any go out the door. I have one old one on lagering, from about 90, and it is very dated on the information.

    Edit - bought the '90-ish lagering edition from the AHA/BP.
  10. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

  11. jimsmasonry

    jimsmasonry Member

    Thanks for your opinion hopfenunmaltz

    From the many articles & reviews I've read it's actually very much not dated. It's still some of the best literature on the subject out there even today (from what I've read). It's not a collectors item. It's still a popular seller. I just am flat butt broke or I would "just bite the bullet". :)

    Actually though, I'm not trying to talk anyone into the magazine or even defend my desire for it. I'm just asking if anyone has it & doesn't mind parting with it.

    Thanks again,


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