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Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Do you have an app?
Yes. See the BeerAdvocate app page.

Do you have a public application programming interface (API)?
Not at this time.

Can I get your data for my project?
We don't provide or sell our data.

Are you hiring?
Not at this time.

Where do I send press releases?
Send them to: [email protected]. Please note that we only accept text-based submissions that are properly formatted.

How do I claim our page?
We currently don't the ability to claim a page in order to edit content and view statistics, but we're working on it.


Can I use your ratings?
Yes, so long as credit is given to the source; BeerAdvocate.

What's the "BROS" score?
From 1996 to 2000 the only ratings and reviews on the site were from BeerAdvocate founders and brothers Jason & Todd Alström. It's a nod to those early days and provides some comparison to BeerAdvocate Overall Score.

Adding & Reporting

How do I add an Event?
Log into your BA account, click Events > Add Event. It'll appear once it's approved. You may also edit your listing.

How do I add a Place?
Log into your BA account, click Places > Add Place. It'll appear once it's approved.

How do I report a change for a Beer or Place?
Log into your BA account, find the Beer or Place > Update. We'll review and take action as needed.

How do I report a problem with a user or review?
Please send us a direct link to the user or review, along with a reason. If the problem is with a forum post, please use the "report" link located within the post. We'll review and take action as needed.

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