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Extreme Beer Fest
Volunteer at Extreme Beer Fest!

Volunteering at our fests is work, but also a great way to meet like-minded beer enthusiasts and industry folk while giving back to the beer community.

What kind of work is involved? Typical tasks involve line management, meeting and greeting attendees, monitoring attendees, water management, merchandise, checking in, setup and cleanup. No pouring positions, as breweries pour their own beer. And outside of your breaks, you'll be on your feet the entire time performing light to moderate physical labor.

We also have guides and veteran volunteers to show you the ropes.


Sign up or log in, review the following terms, and submit your request.

By submitting your request you agree to the following terms.
  • I'm 21+ with a valid ID.
  • My BeerAdvocate account is in good standing.
  • I have no physical or mental limitations that would impede my ability to volunteer.
  • I have a cell or mobile phone with a working number; required at the fest.
  • I'm not using volunteering as a chance to attend and drink like a ticket holder.
  • I understand that submitting a request doesn't guarantee a volunteer position.

See the BeerAdvocate Fests forum for updates.

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