A Toast to History @ City Tavern

Friday - June 01, 2012 @ 11:00AM / Ends: Friday - June 01, 2012 @ 11:00PM
Beer & Food
City Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 413-1443
In the 18th century beers & ales were more than just a beverage but an important part of daily cuisine. Wine was reserved for only after dinner, so the colonist enjoyed ales with their meals. Meats from grass feed livestock was tougher than what we have today, making marinating in ales essential for both tenderizing & preserving meats.

Join Chef Walter Staib, host of the Emmy award winning A Taste of History at City Tavern. Enjoy The Flight of the Revolution featuring ales brewed from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin & Alexander Hamilton, try all four for just $12.00. Throughout Philadelphia's Beer Week, Chef Staib will dedicate his daily specials to dishes prepared with these same ales including:

Chicken A La Franklin
Chicken breast marinated in Poor Richard's spruce ale, pan seared with Sally Lunn bread crumbs & sauce Béarnaise

Tenderloin Tips & Mushrooms
Marinated in Washington's Porter, sour cream, Dijon mustard, porter demi-glace.

Medallions of Pork
Marinaded & deglazed in Thomas Jefferson's ale, pan seared accompanied by mustard greens & mashed potatoes

Veal & Herb Sausage
Pan Seared, deglazed with a Dijon onion mustard demi with Hamilton's pale ale.

More: http://www.citytavern.com/


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