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Microbrew Invitational
Join us June 3 + 4 in Boston and help us drink 300+ beers, ciders, kombuchas, meads, sakes and more!

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Civilization of Beer's Beer Drinking for Couples

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Ladies, you might think beer is mainly for the fellows, but did you know that women were the first brewers and sellers of beer and thirsty men were their first customers? Learn about gender roles in beer and much more in this laid back, fun class. You’ll enjoy a guided tasting of wide variety of delicious beers with your host Samuel Merritt, president of Civilization of Beer, a beer education consulting company whose first goal is to close the gap between beer studies and wine studies in the professional culinary community and return beer to its proper place at the American table. He is also one of the 31 Certified Cicerone® Beer Sommeliers in the country. Bring your significant other for this evening of learning together about the rich history and cultural significant of beer, proper tasting method, and much more.

More: http://rec.iceculinary.com/Courses/Detail/591


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