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Dirty Santa Gift Exchange & Bottle Share

For those that may not know how this version of a Dirty Santa/Chinese Auction works let me explain.

If we have 15 people participating then we will draw the numbers 1-15 out of a hat. Your number you pick determines in what order gifts will be picked from a gift pile.

Whoever picks #1 gets to pick any gift from the pile and he has to open it for all to see the contents.

Then it's #2's pick and they can either pick a gift from the pile to open or they can take the gift from the person that picked first. If a person gets their gift taken they will get to pick another from the pile.

This system will cycle through until after the last person has picked and knows what they have, at that point the person with the #1 pick can keep what they have or take their pick of everyone elses gift! So having #1 is the best draw!

Gift has to be at least $30 value and be beer related, wrapped or gift bagged.

Non-Local Beers
Local Seasonal Beers or Special Releases Beers
Brewery Beer Swag - Shirts/Hats
Brewery Glasswear
Gift Cards to Brawleys or other beer retail establishments.

Feel free to be creative!

So who's in with plenty of time to plan!

Figure we could do a bottle share that night as well! The Flying Saucer in the University area has allowed us space to meet. I figure most of us would grab dinner there as well as a drink and tip our servers well as to show our thanks. Thanks to Rillo (cmrillo) for
coordinating this!

Bottle Share List:
 https://docs.google.com/spreadshee ... 3hRVjI4MVE 

Do not add beers to the list that are for the gift exchange.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Submitted by: marine1975
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