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All is Fair in Love & War: The Beer & Wine Marriage

It has always been beer vs. wine. Well not anymore as now-a-days these boundaries are getting more and more blurred. So in this workshop we are going to break down these walls and talk and taste products that really blend the two worlds.

Beer and Wine actually take a lot from each other and in some senses it is like a marriage- there is love but there is also war. So in this workshop we will taste 7 products that really blur the boundaries. Along the way we will throw in a cidre and a mead to really showcase how all these liquids have more similarities than you might think! Guest speaker for this event will be Ben Neidhart, Vice-President of B. United International, a premier beer importing company. $30 per person

More: http://www.harryswine.com/


Submitted by: surferbrew
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