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Pennsylvania Beer Night

Thursday - March 28, 2013 @ 07:00PM / Ends: Thursday - March 28, 2013 @ 11:00PM
Beer & Food
Bierkraft, Brooklyn, New York
(718) 230-7600
“Penn himself was enough of a beer-drinker to have a brewhouse constructed at the estate he built in Pennsbury, Bucks County, twenty miles upriver from Philadelphia. At a cost of about £7000 and over a period of many years, the manor-house was erected under Penn’s supervision, although he was most of that time back in England. He made a start on the project soon after his arrival in 1682, but he had to return to England in 1684. He commissioned his trusted friend James Harrison as ‘Steward of the Household at Pennsbury,’ and from that date until his return, he wrote frequent letters, filled with details about the house’s specifications, the gardens, the servants, slaves, etc. ‘I would have a Kitchen,’ he wrote from London after he returned there in 1684, ‘two larders, a wash house & room to iron in, a brew house & in it an oven for bakeing.’”*

The history of Pennsylvania is perhaps more related than any other state to the history of beer production in America, from the love of Quaker colonialists for the crude ales of their homeland, to the arrival of German immigrants nearly two hundred years later, and the wildly successful introduction of lagered beer to the American palate.

This Thursday we will be celebrating the beer of Pennsylvania by filling our entire draft list with beers from that state, from the fine German styles made by Penn Brewing, Victory and Sly Fox, to the hoppy ales of Troeg’s, and the rich, Belgian-style offerings of Weyerbacher. Bring your PA buddies, growlers, and thirst for refreshing beer!
Draft list TBA!

*Excerpt from ‘Brewing In America’, Stanley Baron, 1962

More: http://www.facebook.com/events/627187130629673/


Submitted by: Bierkraft
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