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Founders Tasting @ Bellport Cold Beer & Soda

If you were here last year for this, you Know what to expect, if you were'nt, come on down!

Our friend Tim will be on hand to pour samples, and chat about Founders great line up of beers!

We will have a bunch of beers on Tap, from the core to some stuff that's been out everywhere else! We will also have more bottles of KBS, as well as a bunch of other stuff that everyone else is sold out of!

Here is a list of what we will have in Bottles..........
All Day IPA
Pale Ale
Dirty Bastard
Old Curmudggeon
Breakfast Stout
Imperial Stout
Backwoods Bastard
Better Half
Frangelica Brown
Bolt Cutter
Blushing Monk
2 or 3 years of Breakfast Stout!
Backwoods Bastard!
All Day IPA!
4 Great Beers On Tap!
All Purchases of the Limited Stuff will be tied to the purchase of one of the Founders core products. As I have done in the past, I will state this.
This is a FOUNDERS tasting. They send an employee, at their cost to represent them. They also send extra limited release beers to make this more of an event, and to promote their products. And I honor that courtesy by arranging a fair system, that promotes their brewery, while at the same time, giving many people the opportunity to try a beer that they may not have ever been able to get their hands on.The CBS, Frangelica Brown, Blushing Monk, Better Half, and Bolt Cutter will be part of a "Raffle to Purchase" with the winners being notified on Monday Evening.
The raffle entries are simple. With every $10 purchase of a YEAR ROUND Founders product or $20 purchase of seasonals or limited release beers (promoting Founders products), you will receive 2 tickets, and yes, I round up in your favor. This system makes it fair for everyone, and ensures that the "hunters" won't be the only people getting a shot at these tough beers.
By the way, if you can't make it Saturday, I will count any Friday purchases toward the raffle to make it available to even more folks.

More: http://www.bellportbeer.com


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