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Homebrew Competition

Treated Brown Ales and Open Category

What makes this competition special? For anybody unfamiliar with Cigar City Brewery, they have a delicious brown ale called Maduro that has been released with special treatments including Cuban Espresso, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Vanilla Brown, Chocolate Graham Cracker and so many more. CCB loves to push the boundries of flavor and style by adding myriad flavors to their already stellar brown ale.

For this competition, we will have Phil Palmisano from CCB as well as a few other judges from local breweries judging. The judged category requires an Unflavored Brown Ale, and the same Brown with a flavor addition. The winner will receive a very special prize from Cigar City along with cold hard cash!

We have an amazing homebrew competition with equally amazing prizes coming up November 10th. Follow this link for more information!!

More: http://www.bxbeerdepot.com


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