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DFW Bottle Share @ Craft & Growler

Sunday - January 19, 2014 @ 12:00PM / Ends: Sunday - January 19, 2014 @ 03:00PM
Social Gathering
Craft And Growler, Dallas, Texas
Going: 25 | Watching: 0 | Invited: 0
Craft & Growler - 3601 Parry Ave Dallas, Tx 75226

This is for BeerAdvocate Members only. Please do not advertise on facebook or other avenues. Also, please RSVP, it's very important if we want to continue doing these.

2 large format bottles or 44oz MAXIMUM, of beer that is either not distributed in the DFW area (Freetail, out of state, etc.) or is a vintage of 2+ years is encouraged. If you do not have beer that meets those "standards" bring beer that was newly released that people will have interest in or FOOD/Snacks/Munchies that equates to two large format bottles ($20-$30).

BYO Glassware

Parking/Dart Rail - There is a sizable parking lot behind C&G. Dart Rail is highly encouraged, use the Dart Rail Green Line - Fair Park Station. It is literally right across the street from C&G.

Please take a look at their incredible growler selection and purchase something. They easily have the best selection of growlers in DFW and quite possibly Texas. They also sell pints up at their bar, maybe there will be something up there you haven't had.

C&G opens at noon so if you get there early please be patient. I'd imagine bottles will begin to be opened around 12:15. This event ends at 3pm.

More: http://craftandgrowler.com


Submitted by: mattisloco