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Trying to make sense of all the letters and numbers? Here's the breakdown for all Beer & Place reviews/ratings. You might want to also look at our help page for reviewing beers and places.


BeerAdvocate Overall Score (BOS)
The BOS is a weighted point system that represents the final overall score for a beer or place. Its purpose is to help make some sense out of the rAvg (1-5 based review average) and provide consumers with a quick reference when comparing one beer or place to another.



world-class must try




very good


good try it




poor avoid

< 60


  • A beer or place must have 10 or more reviews in order to receive a BOS.
  • Individual member reviews are not given a BOS.
What's the "BROS" score?
From 1996 to 2000 the only ratings and reviews on the site were from BeerAdvocate founders and brothers Jason & Todd Alström. It's a nod to those early days and provides some comparison to the BOS.

rAvg (review average)
The numerical review average, based on the sum of all user ratings divided by the number of reviews. It's range is 1-5 with a two decimal range for accuracy.

pDev (percent deviation)
Is the percentage of deviation within the ratings. In non-geek terms, it represents a kind of "average deviation from the mean," and helps to validate the review average. The higher the pDev the more overall deviation from the review average (rAvg), which would be a sign of wider spread within the distribution of ratings, while a lower pDev would indicate more of a consensus within the ratings.

rDev (review deviation)
The individual reviews current deviation from the review average (rAvg), represented as either a positive or negative percentage. As the rAvg changes, so does the rDev.

WR (weighted rank)
A Bayesian estimate that pulls data from millions of user reviews and normalizes scores based on the number of reviews for each beer or place. The WR represents the beer or place's score against all others. WR is used to help generate the BOS.

Beer Ratings/Reviews

The alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage of the beer (if known).

The general availability of the beer, as in winter, spring, summer, fall, year round, limited edition, rotating offering, etc.

Place Ratings/Reviews

The perceived value for money spent.

The rough number of taps (draught beer) available at the location.

Whether or not the location offers cask-conditioned offerings; call ahead for availability

Whether or not the location sells growlers, kegs, or bottles for takeout.

Beer Avg
The average for all the active beers listed for the brewery.

The current number of active beers in our database for the brewpub or brewery.

Beer Reviews
The number of reviews for all active beers for the brewery.