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Site Help | Reviewing Beers

Here at BeerAdvocate.com we believe in simplicity, so we've broken beer into 5 characters. However before we get into these we recommend that you pour your beer into a glass, as this will provide maximum sensory perception.

appearance = 5%
The first step. note the beer's colour, carbonation, head and its retention -- not the label or appearance of the bottle.

smell = 20%
Now bring the beer to your nose. note the beer's aromatic qualities.

taste = 45%
Take a deep sip of the beer. note any flavours, or interpretations of flavours, that you might discover. do they fit the style?

mouthfeel = 10%
Take another sip. note how the beer feels on the palate. too light? too heavy? smooth? coarse?

overall = 20%
Your overall impression of the beer.

not a character, but it it's the most important part of any beer review and your chance to mention your overall perception of a beer in as much detail as you want.

Each character is assigned a score of 1-5, with decimal point scales in-between the whole numbers to add depth and to cover that grey area (nice and simple). The totals are then rolled-up, weighed and averaged for the final score.

We also have limits on how many reviews you can do in a single day, and the minimum amount of characters for review comments. This is for a few reasons: 1) reviewing beer is not a race and is something that should take some level of constructive thought, 2) it deters trolls from screwing with the rated results and 3) it gives you something to look forward to the next day!

New members must also have 20 or more beer reviews in order to add a new beer.

To review an existing beer, simply click on the write a review icon.