Beer Trades: ArtZan

Excellent trade. Easy to work with, great packing, well thought out extras - great trader all around. Highly recommend.

lookrider, Dec 07, 2014
Easy, quick and efficient trade. High quality trader!

Etramps21, Dec 02, 2014
A total sweetheart. Packed good and legit extras!

Stroszek, Nov 26, 2014
shipped right away great 1:1 trade

eye, Nov 07, 2014
Did a great IP trade with Artie. Awesome guy, very fair, and surprised me with some nice extras. Will def some some more brews in future

jblaze36wv, Oct 15, 2014
Great trade, sent some nice extras as well.. Great communication and quick shipping!

Zubius, Oct 08, 2014
Super-quick, easy trade. Clear communication and SOLID packaging. Recommended BA here!

SweetChicken, Oct 06, 2014
1 to 7 (out of 7)