Beer Trades: BEERschlitz

Really nice guy, was very flexible even when I had to cancel our original plans last minute. Recommend trading with this guy.

Huntzor, Dec 19, 2014
Awesome trader... We did a small IP trade and I definitely hope to complete more in the future. Cheers!

KevinUofM, Dec 15, 2014
good communication and extras - Good trader here

bwilfong22, Dec 10, 2014
Super BA Trader and nice guy. Amazing local extras. Wouldn't hesitate to trade with again.

diehl07, Oct 21, 2014
Good brews, thanks for the extras. Hope you enjoy the NG and TG!

Wisconsin, Sep 15, 2014
Tom is a great trader and great guy don't hesitate to trade with this man!

BryanA, Sep 11, 2014
Great IP trade. Good communication and easy to work with. Can't wait to dig into some great FFF brews. Thanks Tom!

Nedster10, Aug 17, 2014
Good trade. Good communication, great extras and very friendly. Hope to trade again!

Tcheese, Jul 12, 2014
short sweet ip trade went smooth. Thanx man.

buckwheatsb, Jul 12, 2014
IP Trade @ Founders. Thanks for all the awesome beers and for the first round, you're too kind! Pleasure meeting you; hope to trade again!

TheBeerBro, Jul 07, 2014
I am looking forward to trading again. Good communications. Great IP trade! Thanks!

bozodogbreath, Jun 15, 2014
Nice guy, good trade, fun extras. I would def trade again!

Chasmill70, Jun 15, 2014
Great dude. Would be happy to trade with him again.

psykosis, Jun 15, 2014
IP trade, went as planned. Nice guy and a ton of extras. Definitely recommended!

abanton, Jun 14, 2014
In-person at The Bruery. Smooth, easy trade. Great guy. Would gladly trade again!

j47paco, May 15, 2014
Met him, had a beer with him and completed a trade. Good guy and we have future trades to look forward to.

Kramerwtmf, May 08, 2014
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